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5 Tips To Enhance Your Coworking Experience

Meaghan Kincaid

23 July 2018

Coworking spaces have been an upward trend among many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and large corporations. After all, the atmosphere is contagious with productivity, friendly faces, and accommodating community managers. 

If you are new to the term, coworking space, one could say that it is simply a shared office space with many different members, but it is definitely more than that if you know how to maximize the experience. Members of coworking spaces have many different career paths. Some members own their own businesses, some are freelancers, some work remotely. Whatever your career is, you are bound to find innovative members that you could collaborate with.

If you are someone like me who can be easily distracted, coworking may not seem ideal at first. Except, it actually is! Not only can a coworking space be the ideal workspace for you, but you can also utilize the available resources to increase your productivity. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your productivity within coworking spaces.


Studies suggest that a neat and clean desk allows your mind to focus better. If you have an organizational system in place, you are able to focus on other tasks rather than the mess in front of you. So yes, this means fewer nick-knacks, less clutter, and more organization. Although, a clean desk does not mean that it has to be a boring desk. You have to make sure your desk screams YOU! A personalized desk with things such as live plants, photos of loved ones, and inspirational quotes can keep you determined and comfortable when you are working.


When you feel yourself start to crash, take a break. Tired work, is not quality work. Grab a coffee, get fresh air, listen to a few songs, and re-focus. These breaks are a great way to network and collaborate with other members as well. They might be able to help you get over that writer's block, or collaborate to solve a problem. It’s okay to take breaks, they’re necessary. It has been said, that your brain can only remain focused for 45 minutes at a time (guesstimated). Try to do your work for 45 minutes, then take a 15-minute break each hour. This way, you will be impressed with how much work you get done and the quality of your work.


If the hustle and bustle of others is too distracting or noisy, then explore your coworking space. Find the quiet floor, find your own space far from others, do you what you need to in order to be productive. You can have your workspace and your social space, it’s your coworking experience and you will ultimately decide how to utilize it.


Get to know the other members of your coworking space. One of the many perks of a coworking space is the ability to network, collaborate and meet new people every day. A simple hello to someone new every day is a great way to start. You could find your next client, business partner, or just a new friend. It will make your days more enjoyable and when you do take those breaks, you’ll have someone to join you!


Utilize the Kitchen Area at your coworking space, and by ‘utilize’ I mean the coffee machine. Use coffee as your fuel, your break, and your best friend. After all, who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee at the start of your day, the middle of your day, and maybe even the end of your day. Remember, this is an environment full of networking opportunities! Share a cup of coffee with a fellow member and get to know them. You never know what you might have in common.

Hopefully, these 5 tips help you enhance your coworking experience. See which ones work for you and enjoy the beauty of coworking. If you have any other tips, please comment them below!

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