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The Best Instagram Spots in Barcelona Catedral

Bre Gajewski
06 March 2019

There is truly nowhere better in Barcelona than the beautiful, historic Gothic Quarter to get the best (and not basic) photo backdrops to boost your Insta-game! In the name of good content, we sent our staff out on the streets to find you the best Instagram spots in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia aka Cathedral of Barcelona aka La Seu 

Let’s start off with an easy one! Standing right in the middle of Plaça Nova (seriously, you can’t miss it) is the gorgeous Cathedral of Barcelona. This cathedral is rich in history, absolutely beautiful and looks so cool in the back of your selfies. Learn more about the history of La Seu here to craft the perfect caption for your post.


While you are busy taking pictures of the gorgeous cathedral, it may be easy to miss a nearby photo-op. These sculptures, created by Joan Brossa in the mid-nineties, spell out the word 'Barcino' which was the Roman name for the city that is now Barcelona. Discover more about the meaning behind this piece, here

Street Art


Barcelona has some of the best street art in the world and, of course, the historic Barrio Gótico is the best place to see it. Nestled in between buildings, on the garage doors of small shops and around almost every corner, you can find graffiti and street art to pose in front of and brighten up your Instagram. Check out more places outside of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter to find incredible street art in Barcelona in this piece


Barcelona is full of cute, little narrow streets and alleyways, and nowhere more so than the Gothic Quarter. Since this is the old city,  there is no true grid system and one small road leads to another. You could spend an entire day just getting lost in the streets and taking pictures which is why the alleys in Barrio Gótico are some of the best picture spots in Barcelona.

Plaça Sant Jaume

This is known as Barcelona’s political centre because it is flanked by the Palau de la Generalitat, the seat of the Catalan Government, on one side and Barcelona City Hall on the other. Learn more about the significance of Placa Sant Jaume, here

Try to take pictures in front of all these spots and see the likes start racking up! Don’t forget to tag @onecowork and let us know if you can find them all. 

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