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Member Spotlight: Elinor Samuelsson from BrightAct

Gabriela Nascimento

17 March 2022

Our member Elinor Samuelsson, founder of BrightAct, is designing thoughtful technology around human needs. 

Elinor is a Senior UX/UI Design Strategist with 9 years in tech and with expertise in preventative mental health. She is awarded “Digital Inspiration of the Year” and “Social Innovator of the Year” in Sweden, as well as nominated as “Rising Star of the Year” in the Nordics for her work with BrightAct. Elinor graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York in 2013.

We recently had the privilege to chat with her at OneCoWork Catedral and get to know a little bit more about this amazing startup that we are so proud to have as part of our community. Check the interview below:

In a few words, what is BrightAct and what´s your mission?

BrightAct builds a global safety net for domestic violence. We save lives and streamline resources together with the public sector. For innovation across borders to help victims of abuse, wherever and whenever they need it. Our digital tools guide help-seekers to support and enable the public sector, NGOs, and Academia to innovate together. 

What challenges do you face as a female entrepreneur?

I believe all entrepreneurs face challenges whether female or male. For us, it is growing our company sustainably and not too fast. We already have a long list of customers and partner organizations contacting us to scale to their regions from 16 countries worldwide. We are still piloting in Sweden, launching two products during the Spring, and preparing to scale within Europe (possibly Catalunya) shortly.

And what challenges do you think women face, in general, in the business environment?

Having women in the c-suite changes how companies think and create value. As a woman in a highly masculine field, like tech, I seek to work with companies whose impact and mission matches my values. These companies also tend to understand that diversity and equality are key drivers for innovation.

What benefits do you find in a coworking space that help you make your business grow?

The main benefit of OneCoWork is the great community. People are friendly and have a wide range of knowledge - which is helpful if there is something I want quick input on. And of course, good vibes for getting work done and feeling productive. 

How did you get to know OneCoWork and how do you see our space as an environment to make you generate good connections and growth opportunities?

I was recommended to join by a friend at Typeform. For someone like myself who is relatively new to Barcelona, it has been wonderful to meet and get to know people. It was also easy to grow our team by adding two new members without any hassle.

And what advice would you give to other women who are looking for a space like OneCoWork to make the best of their experience?

Try it out for a day to see if it works for your needs. If you like the working experience, as I did, then sign up as a member. 

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