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Meet the Dog Members of OneCoWork

Bre Gajewski
22 March 2019

Meet our favorite coworking members (sorry everyone, it’s true)! These members come in every day and bring a smile to our faces. They are always working hard (at being cute) and they aren’t opposed to taking naps at work! Here are the dogs of OneCoWork:


Hi everyone, my name is Ramón. My favorite activity is playing with other dogs. Sometimes, I pull my owners halfway across the city when I see a buddy to play with! If there aren’t any dogs to play with, I also like to play with cats and chase pigeons...they get so spooked! 

I especially love playing at the beach and the park. I eat all types of food but my favorites are parmesan cheese and yogurt...good thing I’m not lactose-intolerant! 

In the mornings, I am so excited to go to OneCoWork that I wake my parents up by licking their armpits. It’s icky but then we get to the office quicker and I can see all my friends. 


My name is Luna and I am a mix of Pitbull and Boxer. I was adopted in September by my lovely parents Alexandra and Benjamin after I was abandoned in a metro station. But it's ok, I love my new house! My favourite game in the world is catching the ball. I love playing with it 24/7; I love holding it in my snout or cuddling it at night. I even sleep with it!

I am a very special dog. I prefer humans over dogs! I love when people give me love and I like to lick everyone that gives me love! Well.. those who don't also.

At home, my mom calls me "Pulgas" or "Vacabunda." "Pulgas" means "flea" and "vacabunda" is a combination of vaca, "cow" and vagabunda, "vagabond"...probably because I will sleep the entire day! My father calls me Spoony Luny...God knows why. 

I really like sneaking in my parents' bed when they leave and forget to close the bedroom door! I love to give love and meet new people so anyone that wants to come to say hi to me, I am usually on the ground floor at OneCoWork. 


Hola coworkers! Soy Ian y me encanta venir a OneCoWork, tanto que cuando llega la hora de irse a casa no quiero y me escondo debajo de la mesa, aunque si es para ir a Montjuic o a la playa salgo corriendo! Además, me encantan las mandarinas y el melón, que me rasquen la cabeza y la barriga, aunque el momento secador después del baño también es lo más! Como he pasado ya la década, ronco y no veo por el ojo derecho, pero en el fondo sigo siendo un chaval y si me tiras la pelota te la traigo a la velocidad de luz (si consigo verla, claro). Entiendo perfectamente cuando me hablan, ¿probamos? Te espero en la segunda planta. 

OneCoWork Placa Catalunya and OneCoWork Gotic are proud to be pet-friendly coworking spaces. Wondering if you should bring your dog to work too? Read our blog post, The Top Three Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace and then once you’re convinced, book a tour and start working with us! 

Bre Gajewski is a marketing intern from the United States who just graduated from the University of Alabama with a BAC in Public Relations. 

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