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Meet the Dog Members of OneCoWork

Bre Gajewski photo
Bre Gajewski
22 March 2019

Meet our favorite coworking members (sorry everyone, it’s true)! These members come in every day and bring a smile to our faces. They are always working hard (at being cute) and they aren’t opposed to taking naps at work! Here are the dogs of OneCoWork:


Hi everyone, my name is Ramón. My favorite activity is playing with other dogs. Sometimes, I pull my owners halfway across the city when I see a buddy to play with! If there aren’t any dogs to play with, I also like to play with cats and chase pigeons...they get so spooked! 

I especially love playing at the beach and the park. I eat all types of food but my favorites are parmesan cheese and yogurt...good thing I’m not lactose-intolerant! 

In the mornings, I am so excited to go to OneCoWork that I wake my parents up by licking their armpits. It’s icky but then we get to the office quicker and I can see all my friends. 


My name is Luna and I am a mix of Pitbull and Boxer. I was adopted in September by my lovely parents Alexandra and Benjamin after I was abandoned in a metro station. But it's ok, I love my new house! My favourite game in the world is catching the ball. I love playing with it 24/7; I love holding it in my snout or cuddling it at night. I even sleep with it!

I am a very special dog. I prefer humans over dogs! I love when people give me love and I like to lick everyone that gives me love! Well.. those who don't also.

At home, my mom calls me "Pulgas" or "Vacabunda." "Pulgas" means "flea" and "vacabunda" is a combination of vaca, "cow" and vagabunda, "vagabond"...probably because I will sleep the entire day! My father calls me Spoony Luny...God knows why. 

I really like sneaking in my parents' bed when they leave and forget to close the bedroom door! I love to give love and meet new people so anyone that wants to come to say hi to me, I am usually on the ground floor at OneCoWork. 


Hola coworkers! Soy Ian y me encanta venir a OneCoWork, tanto que cuando llega la hora de irse a casa no quiero y me escondo debajo de la mesa, aunque si es para ir a Montjuic o a la playa salgo corriendo! Además, me encantan las mandarinas y el melón, que me rasquen la cabeza y la barriga, aunque el momento secador después del baño también es lo más! Como he pasado ya la década, ronco y no veo por el ojo derecho, pero en el fondo sigo siendo un chaval y si me tiras la pelota te la traigo a la velocidad de luz (si consigo verla, claro). Entiendo perfectamente cuando me hablan, ¿probamos? Te espero en la segunda planta. 

OneCoWork Placa Catalunya and OneCoWork Gotic are proud to be pet-friendly coworking spaces. Wondering if you should bring your dog to work too? Read our blog post, The Top Three Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace and then once you’re convinced, book a tour and start working with us! 

Bre Gajewski is a marketing intern from the United States who just graduated from the University of Alabama with a BAC in Public Relations. 

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