It will probably not surprise you to know that relocating your office is one very stressful activity within startups. Many companies have lost huge amounts of money due to the long moving process. To make the transition as smooth as possible, organization and communication are key. If you take into account these 6 tips we have come up with, we can assure you a very efficient process that will save you time and money. 

  1. Create a budget & a time frame.

The first step in creating your moving timeline is to set a relocation date. Then you have the ability to create a detailed schedule. You should plan which days you will announce the move, the order of how things are packed up and set out days to actually transfer everything and set it up in the new space. 

With this, it is important to be reasonable. While it would be lovely to have everything follow along precisely with your well-thought-out plan, that isn’t totally realistic. Moving comes with setbacks due to a variety of things, so make sure you plan for those things as well. 

The perfect timeline gives you enough time to move everything with room for incidentals while also being efficient and not dragging things out too long. 

Preparation is key, especially when it comes to any expenses that are associated with relocating your business. Creating a detailed budget plan will help you make the right decisions, spend your money wisely and give you an overview of the total cost of relocation. Also, setting up a backup plan and leaving a little room in the budget for an unanticipated situation is never a bad idea.

  1. Communicate & coordinate towards all involved parties

Communication is everything. Start off by informing your employees about the move. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by hosting a meeting (check out our advice on hosting an effective meeting, here.). If you’re finding any difficulties in getting everyone together, you can always start off with notifying the managers who will then spread the word to their departments. 

Sending out email updates, will also help to notify all parties and keep everybody up to date with the progress. Don’t forget your clients! You want to make sure they know where to find you. Consider setting up an announcement on your website. This will help you spread the news to everyone that wants and needs to know about it. 

Make sure the IT-team is in-the-know, at all times! They will be in charge of maintaining crucial aspects such as personal data, equipment and other important information that is found online.

  1. Appoint someone to be the ‘Moving Manager’

Moving can come with many question marks. Where should I place this? Where do we store our stuff? Do we have to take home our personal belongings? All of these questions could cause chaos but can be easily solved with the help of a moving manager.

Assign 1 responsible person, who could coordinate everything between all of the employees and the moving company. This way you avoid miscommunication between employees and at the same time relieve stress for everyone that is probably busy with more important issues.

  1. Hire your moving company and make sure they are insured

There is nothing more upsetting than hiring a company for your relocation and then never seeing your electronic devices again, or finding out that an accident has happened and everything within the truck is broken or damaged. We’ve all seen or heard about these situations, so be smart and make sure you are insured. 

  1. Pack Up

Our best advice for packing is to color code your items. Use one color to label items that are going to a specific area. While you are sifting through your things like this, you will be able to easily identify unnecessary items that can be donated. 

Don’t forget to label things as fragile, if necessary. You want to make it as easy as possible for the movers to take good care of your things. Also, before packing the office items, make sure your staff clears out their personal items to avoid any confusion.  

With these tips, you’ll be able to make your office relocation flow as smoothly as possible. You’ll save time and money and reduce the overall stress this process has on staff members. 


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