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Coming Soon: OneCoWork is landing in the UK!

Gabriela Nascimento

08 March 2024

We're landing with style in the UK!

We're buzzing with excitement to share some fabulous news about OneCoWork's newest flexible workspace in the historic Winckley Square, at the heart of Preston. 

Our first UK location is a result of a savvy partnership with Branco Capital, who handpicked 33-34 Winckley Square, seeing its huge potential to host our innovative space, and we're all set to open the doors next April 2nd.

Imagine stepping into a transformed area of 32,000 sq ft, room for 500 flexible and dedicated desks, private offices and an impressive 4,000 sq ft devoted to vibrant communal spaces, with room for events, phone booths, conference rooms and (yes!) even a gym. In burgeoning cities like Preston, spaces like ours can be the catalysts for economic vitality, blending flexibility, networking, and a diverse talent pool. OneCoWork Winckley Square will offer more than mere office spaces; we are on a mission to build an innovative hub, to nurture communities and fuel economic uplift in Preston.

Flexible Desk area and Events Space

Kitchen area

So, why Preston, you might wonder? It's a city with a pulse, hosting major players like BAE Systems, close to the innovation powerhouse of the University of Central Lancashire, and teeming with energetic SMEs. While the coworking scene is bustling elsewhere, Preston offers us a golden opportunity to make a substantial impact, supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Conference Room

Front Desk 

So there you have it, our exciting leap into Preston, set to be a landmark move. We're not just launching a coworking workspace; we're igniting opportunities, fostering connections, and building a vibrant community. Contact us and join the future of work in Preston!


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