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We’re back in season in Barcelona, with plenty of events for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and everything in between! At OneCoWork we host a variety of events for our members and visitors - here’s what’s been going on in September:

We kicked off the month with an e-Commerce MasterClass by Facebook Guru Patrick Wind. It was a total sell-out but no surprise there. OneCoWork member Patrick invested over three-million euros into facebook advertising with a return over ten-million, so he knows his stuff! If you're looking to learn more about facebook advertising, he'll be back with us soon! Find out more about this event by checking out our event report here.

Fast forward to September 13th and we hosted FUN - FuckUp Nights. Three entrepreneurs told a yet-again packed audience about their attempts to start businesses… and the failures that ensued. If you weren’t there, you can read about it all, from Carlos Cruz’s introduction to ‘entrepreneurshit’ to Lifang Xiong’s ‘Utopia Gone Wrong’, here.

Breakfast Club is back with a bang! Viktoria Lindner, Lead Trainings Consultant at Done!Trainings hosted an interactive breakfast club like no other… you can find more about Viktoria in her Member Spotlight here and if you missed the session, we’ve managed to get hold of her slideshow to give you a teaser. We also had Simon McDonald introduce us to his unique way to teach english (with croissants, of course).


Erik Eklund, motivational speaker, business man and human connecter, is hosting an in-depth 4-part masterclass on how to push yourself to reach your full potential in the business world and real world through the way you tell stories. The final installment is coming up soon and we’ll be releasing a complete report afterwards, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mindset and Consistency Coach Lígia Leite delivered our first roundtable talk of the season on work mentality - finding the blocks that stop us from working effectively. You can learn more about Lígia in her Member Spotlight.

And last but definitely not least, every Thursday at OneCoWork and every Friday at Hotel 54 we get together for OneCoWork’s Afterwork drinks - we think they're the best Afterworks in Barcelona!

You can keep up to date with all of our events by subscribing to our newsletter (below) for a weekly digest of what's happening. At OneCoWork Marina Port Vell, you can check the mega-calendar on the wall by the kitchen and at OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya you can view all our events on the screens in the kitchen on each floor, as well as the big welcome screen in the entrance.

OneCoWork Members have access to more than just an office space - they can attend any of our events, organised by our dedicated Community Managers, free of charge. If you're interested in joining OneCoWork, why not book a tour?

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