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This week the spotlight is on Barcelona-born & Badalona-bred Sandra Garcia Aguilera.

Hola Sandra, Tell us about you!

I was born in Barcelona but lived in Badalona all my life, except for one year I lived in London. Growing up I have always been involved in the hospitality industry and although I never knew I wanted to follow this path, I just knew it would make me happy.

Tell us about the hospitality industry!

I work in a restaurant chain in the human resources department. I'm dedicated to hiring new employees, being aware of them, taking care of them and making them feel happy while doing their work. I'm responsible for the training and progress within the company.

Amazing, tell us about your hobbies!

I love going out to get to know new places, although it is not always possible. I also enjoy doing Yoga and enjoy an afternoon of sofa and Netflix.

How can we reach you?

Office: I love every corner of OneCoWork, I usually hang out in my office (it’s on the 3rd floor) or on the sofas on my floor.

Out of Office: When I’m not in OneCoWork I always like to be outside to go for a walk on the beach or to take an aperitif in the restaurants. Wanna join me?

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Give 3 tips to our readers (business, life, anything!)

  1. Be happy, even though life sometimes gives us difficulties
  2. Trust your gut - there's no need to be overly influenced by others' opinions. Be faithful to what you believe.
  3. Surround yourself with good people

Who inspires you? 

My mum, she is the strongest person that I know.

Give us some words to live by?

Just be happy, there are already a lot of problems in the world, so don’t generate any new ones.

Book recommendation (or a movie if you want to cop-out) 

I prefer to recommend a series: Blacklist, Breaking Bad and Prison Break. (OK, a few series!)

Thank you Sandra for sharing with us! If you'd like to be featured in our weekly member spotlight, get in touch with your nearest Community Manager!

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