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November Events Roundup

Dror Wayne
03 December 2018

The end of 2018 is in sight and just as the other months, November flew by. Here’s our roundup of what’s happened:

Ecommerce Facebook and Instagram Ads Masterclass

Legend of the eCommerce Digital Marketing world, Patrick Wind, returned to OneCoWork once again for another sold-out masterclass in the run up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday sales. Patrick shared the exact bid strategies, audience techniques and ads that he used with over 120 eCommerce brands, generating over 10 million euros in revenue. 

Startup Grind Barcelona 2018 Conference

OneCoWork collaborated with Startup Grind to offer discounted attendance to their monthly events, including their Barcelona 2018 Conference. This incredible day brought together experts from across the innovation scene, including OneCoWork Members N26, OneCoWork CCO Scott Mackin and attendees learned from the successes of Google, Shazam, Dow Jones and others. 

Workshop: Business Through Client Referrals

Graham Eisner runs his own consultancy training business and with his workshop, he wanted to help people to not only improve their communication and relationship with their clients, but also take advantage of the effort that has been put into these relationships. With these efforts, asking them for client referrals will become a lot easier and will help your business eventually. 

Winefulness: Mindful Wine Tasting

Blend and Bottled together with OneCoWork’s Head of Sales Jesse Derkx presented a slightly different event to a packed out audience one mid-November evening; a Mindful Wine Tasting session! Together, they taught us how to focus on the moment and take back control of our concentration, not just in our daily lives but also whilst drinking wine, so that we can appreciate the sensations it gives us more. Find out more about this event in the summary here - When Goldfish Beat Humanity.

Survive and Thrive in the Financial Crash; Investing in Property with No Money Down

Serial entrepreneur and investment guru Noah Laith visited OneCoWork for this exclusive insights into making the most out of the financial crash. He shared with us his tried-and-tested method of investing in property, putting almost no money down when the market is at its lowest and the story of how he got to where he is now - including how squatters and a tsunami shaped his path!

Workshop: The Idea Roast

The experts from NOBA Business Prototyping Studio opened their doors for OneCoWork members to share new ideas and receive constructive feedback - or a total roasting! They shared insights into the testing of Vibease, a remote control vibrator, and how an unpopular Spanish President used A/B testing to ensure his reelection. 

Workshop: How to be an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Public speaking is something that is considered unpleasant by the majority of society, but is an essential transferable skill for anyone in business. In this three-part workshop, Erik Eklund taught us not only how to inspire, motivate and educate your audience, but also how to minimise your stage fright so that it will, hopefully, lead to you enjoying standing in front of an audience.

Workshop: Master Your Storytelling

Erik Eklund was back with 4 morning sessions of 1 hour, teaching us all about storytelling - how to tell your story to the world and consequently, promote your brand in the most effective and attractive way. Not only did everyone leave this room with a lot of new theoretical knowledge, Erik’s sessions are very interactive so there were plenty of opportunities to practice what we learned!

Workshop: Visual Storytelling

Nikoline Arns, a seasoned professional in her field with over 15 years of experience, taught in this session how to communicate your branding values and how to create your own visual style. The first session - recognition - focussed on theory; the second - consciousness -  was focused on working with physical visuals and the very last part of the workshop - creation - involved actual field work, not only to apply the previously gained knowledge, but also to learn from each other.

Blind Chefs

We’ve seen a number of coworkers meet over lunch, with introductions arranged by our wonderful Community Managers. One member cooks, hosting another! Our Community Managers not only find people with shared interests to introduce, but also make sure the menus are suited each time. This month, we saw in the blind chef Alex & Jose, Johnny & Andy, and Estephania & Wynand.

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