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What comes with my Dedicated Desk Membership at OneCoWork?

Ella Webber

29 November 2019

It’s 4:54am. The sun’s coming up and you’ve pulled an all nighter at the office. Needs must, they say. It’s expected; there is no passion found in playing small, it’s all about going big or going home. Sometimes going big means a power nap at your desk, and that’s perfectly fine.  Something’s different though… there’s a travel cushion around your neck and slippers on your feet. Where did they come from? Oh wait, they’re yours. You remember grabbing them from your personal storage unit; you’d left them there for this specific reason after all. ‘Ahh’, you think. 

‘I’m so glad I opted for my own dedicated desk’. You straighten up and get back to work as the sound of the coffee machine brings you to; all is well.

This could be you, if you want. Dedicated desks are a great way to make coworking a little more you. You get all the benefits of a Hot Desk Membership, with the added benefit of your own personal space to work. However, it’s not just that. There are so many reasons why a Dedicated Desk is right for you, and guess what? We’re about to tell you them all. 

Your own dedicated desk and chair

You guessed it, number one on our list is the physical desk included in your membership. You can decorate it, put pictures up, even turn it into a standing desk if you’d like. You do get an ergonomic chair but hey, you do you. Whether you’re stood or sat, it’s a brilliant place to put your head down and get your work done without any distractions. Plus, when you need a break or just fancy a chat, you can head to the communal areas and grab a coffee with everyone else.

Access to meeting rooms 

Included in your OneCoWork Dedicated Desk Membership is a monthly allowance of free meeting room credits, which facilitates simple and easy access to the OneCoWork meeting rooms. All rooms are equipped with easy to connect screens, are conference call ready, and can be reserved hassle-free via our app. 

Mail handling and fiscal address

An added benefit of opting for a Dedicated Desk is the mail handling service provided as part of your membership. Getting packages sent to your home address when you spend most of your day elsewhere can be risky, so take advantage of our front desk and the wonderful Community Team behind it. Furthermore, at this membership level you can also use OneCoWork as your official business address.

A secure storage unit

Dragging your belongings, like your setup or paperwork, back and forth every day can be an arduous task, so why not leave your office at the office. With a OneCoWork Dedicated Desk Membership you can do just that; use your secure storage unit for whatever suits your needs. 

Access to curated events

We try our absolute best to provide a balance of business and start-up related events, and events focused on lifestyle and self-improvement. For example, a week coworking from one of our Barcelona coworking spaces can include events such as improving your public speaking or implementing meditation practices, as well as events on how to turn your idea into a product or how to perfect the art of social media advertising. It provides great variation for members, who all attend free of charge.

Perks and promotions

Another thing we work really hard on at OneCoWork is providing our members with offers and discounts on anything they might need or want whilst they’re in and around the Barcelona area. Perks range from discounted phone repairs to offers on coworking trips to South Africa. It’s a great, ever-growing benefit of joining the OneCoWork Community. 

An innovative workspace 

At OneCoWork we pride ourselves on providing inspiring workspaces for our members; a place to create with passion. Every last detail is meticulously thought through and nothing is done without reason. There are multiple coworking areas to work from and ample and varied seating to make sure you’re comfy. If you’re struggling for inspiration, change your location; never get bored of your surroundings

24/7 access

OneCoWork coworking spaces are accessible 24/7, although we must admit it’s a lot busier at 4pm than it is at 4am. The keycard you’ll receive upon becoming a member allows you access to the building at anytime of the day, so no need to worry about having to leave right as you’re hitting your creative stride.

Unlimited tea and coffee

Alongside multi-functional coffee machines, our kitchens are always stocked with a variation of teas and milk to satisfy all your hot drink needs (even hot chocolate!), as well as oils and salt/pepper to make sure you can add the final touches to your meal. You can drink coffee and  sprinkle salt and pepper to your heart’s content; although we recommend you don’t for your own wellbeing 😉

A powerful community

A coworking space is only as good as the people in it, and we’re confident in saying ours is pretty great. Every person you meet has the potential to be your next business partner or best friend - maybe even both. Find yourself surrounded by creative and motivated individuals who are all looking for success in their respective fields. You are the people you surround yourself with and energy is contagious; take advantage of our incredible community.

Overall a Dedicated Desk is just a quieter, more secure and private way to cowork. It’s the perfect way to make it more personal without losing all the benefits of joining a coworking community. Now, grab your slippers and your neck pillow and we’ll show you to your storage unit.

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