Why Coworking?

Why should I join a coworking space?

Ella Webber

09 October 2019

So, you’ve heard about “Coworking” and have decided to delve a little deeper. I’m here to tell you you’ve absolutely made the right decision. However, if you’ve accidentally stumbled across this article and have no idea what a coworking space is, you probably have a couple questions. What’s coworking? What are the pros and cons? Is it too noisy or cramped? Can I bring lunch? Don’t worry, we’ve covered the essentials here so head over to catch up. We’ll wait.

Done? Perfect, let’s proceed. For years now coworking spaces across the globe have provided a place to thrive for countless startups, freelancers and even corporates. Great news, they’re only getting better. There really is no denying the popularity of coworking spaces, but the question on everybody’s mind is why? Not necessarily why are they so popular (with spaces like OneCoWork it’s not difficult to understand the attraction), but more why they work so well for such a large and varied group of people and why they could work for you.


Let’s start with the obvious, coworking spaces are extremely cost-effective. Memberships range in prices from coworking space to coworking space, but it’s not difficult to find a membership plan that works for both your needs and your budget. Although of great benefit to anyone looking for flexibility, it’s especially handy for teams. Many, if not the vast majority of coworking spaces offer flexible offices at monthly rates that make finding a better alternative a near impossible task. 

Whilst in traditional office spaces you’re responsible for the upkeep of your office, coworking spaces often have a cleaning service included in the price. They have printing and scanning facilities, meaning you don’t have to buy, transport, and install your own. Forget about coffee runs; on-site kitchens provide limitless coffee and fridge space for pre-packed lunches. A secure and quick internet connection is also guaranteed at a coworking space; just another thing you don’t have to worry about. On top of all that, working from a coworking space provides you with a front desk that’s able to receive your post and any visitors you might decide to host. It’s all the perks of your own office without the hassle of setting up or maintaining one. 


Coworking spaces offer a flexibility unparalleled by any other workspace model, both in design and in function. Every startup dreams of making it; of achieving the dream and everything that comes with it. This, more often than not, involves expansion, which can be a blessing and a curse… or so you thought. It’s nothing but a blessing when working from a coworking space. Your office should be able to grow with you, and your community team are always looking to help. Often open 24/7, they provide the ideal solution and comfort for those working remotely at an international level. Got a bad case of jetlag? No worries, work some odd hours until you settle back in. Coworking spaces are built to be flexible because they understand that growth isn’t uniform and neither are your needs. 


Now that we’ve covered the scalability and flexible nature of coworking spaces, let’s talk about the experience; what it’s actually like to operate from a coworking space. No coworking space is complete without its members, and it’s the members that make a coworking space such a unique environment. The knowledge exchange that takes place at coworking spaces around the globe is not often found elsewhere. Information is exchanged in every part of a coworking space, not just the meeting rooms or workspaces. Alongside casual learning with colleagues, you’ll also have the chance to attend specialised events and workshops organized and presented by both the community team and invited guest speakers. You’re never not learning and that’s no coincidence, just another reason to join. 


Don’t just take advantage of the insane amount of knowledge flying around the space, take advantage of the people spreading it! You’re sharing an environment with such a great variation of talent that it’s almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for or, even better, meet the person you didn’t even know you needed. Whether you’re an office of 8 people or a freelancer just starting out, your ideal candidate might be just around the corner. It makes it the perfect location for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups alike due to the ease with which connections are made. Plus, if you don’t manage to make time for chatting during your workday there’s always afterwork networking and social events put on by the coworking space community team. 

Overall, the benefits are clear when comparing a traditional office to operating from a coworking space. Not only is it a fantastic way to save money at the start of your company’s life, it’s also a fantastic way to build your company and connections throughout your career. Operating from a coworking space offers everything you could ask for from an office for a fixed monthly rate and makes the thought of starting and maintaining your own company slightly less daunting. If you could make your life easier at what is a stressful time in the lifecycle of any business, why wouldn’t you? Let the community team look after you, it’s what they’re there for. Let the people surrounding you inspire and motivate you, they’re learning just as much as you are. Coworking isn’t just an office or a desk, and it certainly isn’t just a fad. It’s a community, and it’s here to stay.

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