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What comes with my Private Office Membership at OneCoWork?

Natalie Deller

09 December 2019

Congratulations, if you are reading this you are probably ready to take the next step towards a flexible Private Office. Upsizing, downsizing, changing the team structure, or even just staying the same, welcome to coworking. That’s the beauty of joining a community, just like that quirky cousin you see at Christmas, we take you as you are and also accept that you may change. 

Private offices are totally flexible to ensure that the space reflects your company at this moment, and not in six months. Following COVID-19 we are conscious that not all businesses feel comfortable to sign long-term leases, but we’re way ahead of the times. With the opportunity to reassess where you are at and how you want your space to look on a monthly basis, we will never hold you to your original vision - allowing you to grow and evolve organically. 

Flexible, low-risk and tailored to mirror your needs. But a Private Office at OneCoWork doesn’t stop there, otherwise you would just lease a private office space, right? Wrong. 

As businesses and people alike emerge into a post-pandemic environment, they have the opportunity to reassess what they want and choose services that reflect our new reality. 

A landlord that only exists to collect rent is not good enough anymore.

Society is conscious of flexibility, cost and building strong networks that support them, in a time when the economy has been turned upside down. 

At OneCoWork we don’t promise to be perfect, but we do promise to be there for you through thick and thin. Just ask our members, who we supported through the peak of the virus by freezing their accounts (rather than cancelling and charging them) and offering them free business advice by our in-house Finance Team. 

Enough on the Virus, let’s live in the present and focus on what we can give you now to help your business reach its maximum potential. From professional services designed to increase your productivity or even to help you build your team, to curated events that cultivate community; a private office at OneCoWork is much more than just a very, very State of the Art room (if we do say so ourselves)!

A Private Office tailored to suit YOU.

Whether it’s a potted plant obsession, extravagant office decorations for your coworker’s birthday, or you had the great idea to fill a drawer with chocolate for motivation (thank me later!) the space is yours. The office should and will represent where your company is at, whether that be by adding a phone line for your sales team or placing extra screens for your entire team to keep track of company goals. We can and we will meet your needs. 

24/7 Access to your Private Office 

Accompanied by the flexibility to design your space, is the flexibility to design your hours. You may need to stay late and video call the New York Team about a project, or maybe you just have a deadline coming up. Either way, the space is yours to come and go as you wish with your OneCoWork member pass, if it’s an early start, our coffee machines run 24/7 as well so feel free to freshen up!

Work in privacy, with a community just outside your door

The secure nature of your private office allows you to come and go without worrying about leaving your newest prototype unattended, or without being disrupted when you are in the zone. With an access pass entry system, you will rest assured that the office space is just yours to access. Use your office to connect with your team and work efficiently, but if you ever need a break or maybe some inspiration, the coworking community is on your doorstep. Every coworker has the potential to teach you something new, they are passionate and motivated and the community is just outside your office waiting to chat.

Innovative work spaces built for productivity 

With OneCoWork’s core value of design at the heart of everything we do, the spaces are engineered for effortless experiences where productivity excels. Built into our spaces are printers, meeting rooms, phone booths to take private calls and of course, unlimited internet access. Included in the flexible Private Office membership are free printing facilities and 12 meeting room credits to get you on your feet and comfortable at OneCoWork as quickly as possible. 

Professional Services from the OCW Team

When you want to give your undivided attention to your business, the last thing that you want to worry about are the logistics. We are here to provide the helping hand and make sure everything runs seamlessly. Included in your membership are mail handling and a fiscal address so that the experience of running a business can be just that little bit easier. We see it as our responsibility to support you, and are waiting at the Front Desk with a smile ready to help with whatever you need.

Need help building a team? We can do that too. Responding to our member’s needs we started OneRecruit, a recruitment service with no commission fees and hourly rates, so that you could access top talent at bargain rates. A steal really. Already having a personal relationship with you, finding the candidate that will fit your company culture like a glove is that much easier. 

Access to curated events a stone throw from your Private Office 

With you in mind, we hand pick our weekly events schedule to offer something we think every coworker would enjoy. From Midday Meditation and Rooftop yoga to bringing some zen to the otherwise stressful week, to Afterworks where you can let your hair down, we are always looking for ways to bring the OneCoWork community together. Looking to further your skillset? From coding with Wild Women to public speaking these events are free for members, to enable your personal and professional growth. 

Of course, during quarantine we also ran a series of successful online events and classes titled OneCoWorkshops which were a great way to connect all three spaces into one larger community. We value our digital community, so we plan to continue online interaction complimentary to our in-person events. 

Perks and promotions for your whole Team

Located in central Barcelona, we want you to be able to take advantage of what’s already on our doorstep by pointing you in the right direction. From discounted dinner at Clubhaus to 1 hour free bicycle hire with Scoot, we hope to give you the insider’s perspective of this fabulous city. 

Unlimited tea and coffee 

Well, it just wouldn’t be a regular work day without a caffeine overdose would it? Our self-serve kitchens are always stocked with a variation of teas and milk to quench your thirst, as well as the multi-functional coffee machine which is at your disposal. Feel right at home with fridges to keep your lunch cool and condiments to add the final touches to your meal. 

At the end of the day, a flexible Private Office is a secure and effective way to cowork. Your team reaps the benefits of being in a coworking community, without having to sacrifice on your privacy and unity as a company. It’s a low-risk, short-term lease option. What have you got to lose? 

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