You are the next Apple or Amazon but you don’t know it!

OneCoWork Catedral | Avinguda de la Catedral 6-8
Feb 20, 2020

Anyone interested in innovation should join us as Bernardo Perez goes through the opportunities companies encounter to innovate and how to identify ideas, pains and needs.

About the event

1) Needs to which the course responds

How different would our society be if in college, elementary or high school, we learn how to innovate? Yes, innovation can be learned. Innovation is a process; it is science but also art. The lack of teaching and encouragement to innovate addresses many causes, from risk aversion to the unawareness that we innovate every day in our daily life. Therefore, this intensive training on innovation aims to awaken the interest of the attendees to enter the fascinating road of innovation and to make innovation the rule and not the exception.

2) Course general objective

- Contribute basic knowledge to arouse interest in innovation.

3) Specific objectives

At the end of the course, the assistant should be able to:
• Define and identify Small and Medium Entrepreneurs and Innovative Entrepreneurs.
• Identify ideas, pains, and needs as a user to turn them into an innovation project.
• Define, identify, and generate an “end-user profile.”
• Define what a business model is.
• Create an “elevator pitch.”

About Bernardo A. Perez

Non-traditional cardiologist with a background in healthcare innovation, health economics and management. 

Leveraging the following skills, he promotes internal synergy, eliminates waste, as well as evaluates operations to identify areas of improvement:

• Healthcare innovation.
• Scientific Writing & e-health.
• Relationship Management
• Staff Training & Development
• Needs Assessment
• Continuous Quality Improvement
• Emerging Technology
• Data Analysis & Reporting / Predictive Analytics

Join us!

When:  February 20th 2020, 18:00-21:00

Where: OneCoWork Catedral

OneCoWork members attend free of charge.

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