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Qi-energy workshop with Mati Qi

OneCoWork Catedral | Meeting Room D+E | Avinguda de la Catedral, 6, Barcelona
Aug 04, 2020
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Meditation in Motion. Active health. Internal harmony.

The pace of life we lead today generates exhaustion and wear and tear on our body and mind. We live in a state of general stress. Matias invites you to recover vitality, balance your emotions and discover the best version of yourself. The practice of Qi Gong will help you recover your true potential and vitality to conquer your goals. This practice strengthens the body, reduces stress and stimulates creativity. Happy bodies, happy minds!

What is the practice of Qi Gong?

The practice of Qi Gong can not only increase your health and balance your mind, but it can also cure a lot of diseases. In practice, the body seeks relaxation, the mind calms down and breathing becomes slow and soft, so we discover a serene state and the renewal of all systems and functions begins. You then start to feel more balanced, health is strengthened and your sleep and appetite harmonise.

The practice is a great complement to any activity or job as it drives the development of our creativity and intelligence. By calming the mind, more oxygen reaches the brain which in turn causes the brain to expand and create new connections, finding new solutions to daily problems.

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About Matías Batllosera

Matías is an Alchemical Therapist, Professor of Qi Gong and a student of Chinese Medicine. Curiosity about internal processes and human behaviour led him to develop and promote the Arts of Health and Transformation.

He believes that we are in a moment where it has become a necessity to recover our connection with life and nature. Personal transformation and energy practice are his strengths which led him to begin teaching Qi-nergy Workshops to support people on their journey to balance work and health.


It will be a one hour class. You will do a small warm-up to wake up the body, Qi Gong movements to go inward and get the vitality available, and auto-massage to finish the practice ready to start the day with full potential!

When: September 10th, 8:00 to 9:00

Where: OneCoWork Catedral, Meeting Room D+E

This activity is free for OneCoWork members. Want to join us? Meet your community managers to sign up! There are limited spaces and for now the event will be run on a first come, first served basis.  

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