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Which OneCoWork Plan is Right for Me?

Christy Chan

17 August 2018

You’re tired of the traditional working style. You’re fed up of the normal office routine. You want a better working environment for your team. You want to move into CoWorking. Great.

But there are so many options! Which one is right for you? Let’s go through them all and find out!

One Member

Access to all common areas and to all OneCoWork events, one day per week (9-18h).

You’re interested in coworking and want to try participating in the community with a low entry cost. You don’t need an office 24/7, being so on-the-go, but you do need somewhere to sit and focus once-a-week to get things done. Perhaps you run a store, a dance studio or you’re a freelance tutor travelling to students - you’re a One Member because every so often you need to sort out suppliers, emails, accounts and all the other paperwork and a quiet desk in the office is conducive.

Hot Desk

24/7 access to all common areas and to all OneCoWork members-only events and activities.

You’re a serious, hard-worker. In the office most days and want to have the option to pop in on the weekend. But you’re also great fun to be around and a cool guy or girl who helps others around them.

So you choose to Hot Desk. It’s out best-value membership and the spaces are designed to maximize collaboration and interaction. All you have to do is bring your laptop, choose an open seat and get to work. You can always move around to be inspired and freshen up.

Of course, you are welcome to join our OneCoWork events, including our popular skills workshops and our afterwork drinks, renowned across Barcelona.  

Personal Desk

24/7 access to your own personal desk equipped with a secure storage facility within a shared space.

You love the idea of CoWorking but a Hot Desk is a bit too much for you. No, you need your own office desk where you can install your computer or iMac and all the accessories; with lockable drawers and a separate storage locker for all your bits and bobs. You want to have access to the vibes of coworking, but need your desk to be in a more exclusive area, just beyond the hustle and bustle, so you can really focus.

Private Office

24/7 access to a fully equipped, lockable office able to accommodate your entire team.

You and your team need to stick tight together and retain some privacy. Perhaps you’re often brainstorming or on the phones. Perhaps you simply like throwing things at each other and can’t get away with that in the shared space. But that doesn’t mean you need a boring, plain office! No! There’s a space in a fresh coworking office for you also! Just as in our other memberships, you’ll still have access to our shared spaces, amenities, community and more. 

Still not sure?

You’re more than welcome to join us for a free tour - simply click here to book

And why stop there, if you’re already visiting. Join our community for a trial using a day pass - you’ll get a real taste of OneCoWork life!

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