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Why Coworking?

Earn up to 1,000€ for referring a friend!

Ray Slater Berry

14 August 2019

As you know, community is at the heart of OneCoWork. The community we’ve built at OneCoWork just keeps growing stronger by the day. We're on a mission to bring JOY to the world of work, but we can't (and don't want to) do this alone! Your achievements within our walls are immeasurable – but the connections you've made through networkingthe ideas that have flourished and the inspiration that our creatives and entrepreneurs have generated is all invaluable. We want to share each other's successes and grow together. 

The Refer a Friend Program 

In a nutshell, we're offering various cash rewards for referring a friend(s). You could bag yourself up to 1,000€! 


We believe in workspaces that you look forward to on a Monday morning; workspaces that not only make you beam when you walk through the door, but that you look forward to welcoming visitors and clients into. We believe that you should be proud of your office and proud to be a part of the workplace revolution.

We believe that you - the OneCoWork Community - are our greatest asset and our greatest representatives. 

How does it work?

Email us, with your friend in CC, and make an introduction. We'll take it from there!

If your friend joins the community, and is with us for more than two months, you'll receive the following:

Hot Desk - 30€
Personal Desk - 75€
Small Office (2 - 4 people) - 250€
Medium Office (5 - 9 people) - 500€
Large Office (10+ people) - 1,000€

Not bad, right?

Can you make this easier, please?

Sure! We've created this email template for you to copy and paste to make the process as smooth as possible: 

Hey Team!

I wanted to introduce you to my awesome friend (NAME), in CC. They are interested in a (Hot Desk / Personal Desk / Private Office). I’m passing the ball on to you, so you can show them how epic it would be to join OneCoWork. The more the merrier, am I right?

You guys have fun!


Terms & Conditions.

Subject to the terms and conditions of these rules,Onecowork will compensate Onecowork clients for each qualified referral that leads to the execution of a Onecowork membership agreement.  

Subject to these terms and conditions, a qualified referral means any entity  introduced by the referring party (“you”) to Onecowork that signs a membership agreement with a right of access (i.e. hot desks, personal desk, and personal office space memberships, not “Onemember”) in an Onecowork building.  

To be considered a qualified referral, these entities or the primary members of such entities:  
(a) must not be current or previous members of Onecowork;  
(b) must not have previously contacted Onecowork for a membership or attended a Onecowork event, or otherwise been referred prior to your submission of the referral application form (as defined below) in the sixty (60) days prior to your initial Referral Submission;  
(c) must sign a membership agreement with Onecowork no later than two (2) months from your submission of such form;  
(d) must not be (i) an affiliate of Onecowork or (ii) an entity in which you are an employee, partner, or owner of a controlling interest.  

In the event we receive duplicate referral application forms with respect of the same entity, we will honor the form we receive earliest, unless (i) an exclusive agreement exists between the referred entity and a broker and (ii) (x) such broker submits a qualified referral pursuant to the Onecowork Partnership Program prior to the date such entity signs a Membership Agreement or (y) notifies Onecowork of such exclusive agreement prior to the date such entity signs a Membership Agreement and actively participates in the negotiation of such Membership Agreement.


Referral Submission
To be eligible to receive the referral fee described in these rules, you must accept these terms and conditions.
Referrals may be submitted by sending us an email with the template provided by the Company, to [email protected]  (the “Referral mail”).
 You must send a separate Referral Submission for each individual referral. You
may only complete a single Referral per potential member company that you would like to refer.  

 A referral will not be considered complete unless it includes the following information:  

 (a) referred entity’s primary contact first and last name;  
 (b) referred entity’s name;
 (c) put the referred on CC;  
 (d) referred entity’s Onecowork membership of interest;

Incomplete submissions will result in your being ineligible from collecting the referral fee until a complete submission is received. The referred entity must have granted consent to you to fill out the Referral Submission and you must hold a good faith belief that the referred entity desires to become a member of the Onecowork community.  

Contact with Referred Entity
Following a complete Referral Submission, Onecowork will contact the referred entity confirming our receipt of the submission. The referred entity will have the opportunity to inform us that:  

 (a) it is not looking for a Onecowork membership and/or
 (b) it has not given authorization to you in connection with the referral.  

 If the referred entity informs us that it has not given authorization to you in connection with the referral, you will not be eligible for the referral fee even if such referred entity signs a membership agreement with a right of access to the space. If the referred entity does not so inform us, you may continue to receive email communications regarding your referral. You will have the opportunity to edit your contact information and bank account information until the referred entity signs the lease agreement. No referrals submitted outside of the processes outlined above will be recognized by Onecowork.


 Subject to these terms and conditions, Onecowork will pay the eligible referrer the following fees:  

Hot Desk – 30€
Personal Desk – 75€
Small Office (2-4 people) – 250€
Medium Office (5-9 people) – 500€
Large Office (10+ people) – 1.000€


 For any referred entity, Onecowork will pay a referral fee for the membership agreement signed at the initial Onecowork location at which such referred entity takes space only. Subsequent membership agreements signed by such referred entity at other locations are not eligible for referral fees, except as may be granted on a ase-by-case basis by Onecowork in its sole discretion. In case of offices, if the membership agreement is terminated before two months from its start date, you will not receive a referral fee.

Expansions & Reductions

Increases in the membership fee due to taking on additional office space in the same Onecowork location following the membership agreement commencement date will increase the referral fee to reflect the fee of the new monthly membership fee. Decreases in the membership fee due to reducing the number of desks will proportionally decrease the referral fee.  


Onecowork will process fees on behalf of the referring party and the payment of the referral fee will be made within the first calendar month after the signature of the contract. The payment will only be issued by bank transfer, from a Spanish bank account, so in case that your bank account is from another country and any bank fees, commissions, exchange rate cost etc may apply, it will be fully assumed by you.


All communication regarding the amount of referral fees and the payment shall come from the Onecowork finance team. Any questions or concerns regarding these terms and the referral program should be addressed to [email protected]. While you may receive unofficial contact from other Onecowork departments regarding your referral, please be advised that any such communication shall be considered advisory only, any information provided to you by such other team may not be correct or valid, and no determinations, especially regarding validity of a referral, made by such other team may be considered binding. The Finance team shall be responsible for the final determinations regarding all referrals made pursuant to the Onecowork Referral Program.


Who “Onecowork” is for the purposes of these terms and conditions will be: 

if you are based in Onecowork Marina Port Vell; we are Onecowork Spain SL, C/ Estruc 20, 08002 Barcelona (Spain), TAX ID: B66795923
if you are based in Onecowork Plaça Catalunya; we are Onecowork Estruc 9 SL, C/ Estruc 20, 08002 Barcelona (Spain), TAX ID: B66735713
if you are based in Onecowork Catedral; we are Onecowork Catedral 6 SL, C/ Estruc 20, 08002 Barcelona (Spain), TAX ID: B66773532

Onecowork reserves the right in its sole discretion to make any determination under these rules, including, without limitation, the determination of your eligibility, a  qualified referral and the amount and payment of the referral fee. If Onecowork determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated these terms, you will not be eligible for the referral fee and Onecowork reserves the right to disqualify you from the referral program. Nothing in these rules grants you or any other party any right, title or license to use any of Onecowork’s trademark or other intellectual property rights. You will not act as an agent of Onecowork nor are you entitled to make any commitments on behalf of Onecowork. Onecowork reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior notice.

You consent that:

(i) we may also transfer the personal information collected by us and make it available to our personnel, advisors, professionals, subcontractors, independent consultants, external third party services providers and our affiliates for the foregoing purposes. Some of these transferees may not be located in your country, and therefore your information may be transferred to countries that may or may not guarantee a level of privacy and data protection that is equivalent to the level of privacy and data protection set by the laws in your country;


These terms of service and any dispute arising out of these terms (including any non-contractual disputes) will be governed by and interpreted according to Spanish law (but without giving effect to its conflict of laws rules or principles).
Email [email protected] for more information.

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