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My OneCoWork Internship Helped Me Confirm My Career Path

Agathe Grosbois

29 March 2019

I’m Agathe and I am a student in my 2nd year of business school at the BBA INSEEC in Bordeaux. I came to Barcelona, and to OneCoWork, for a 3-month internship that would count as validation of this 2nd year at university. 

The main reason I decided to join OneCoWork was that I didn't know anything about coworking and I wanted to learn about it. 

The Start of My Intern Journey

We are now in the last week of my internship, and it is almost time for me to leave OneCoWork, and thus leave the members who have surrounded me during these past 3 months. 

When I first started working in this company, I knew straight away that I would enjoy my experience and that I would get along with all the people. After these three months, I can say that is exactly what happened. 

In the following paragraphs, I will walk you through some of the tasks that I learned throughout my internship. 


Third-Party Websites 

My first weeks were consumed with learning. My team showed me everything I was going to do during the next 3 months. My first job was to take care of third-party websites. This work consists of increasing OneCoWork's visibility on different sites. Indeed, I had to check OneCoWork data on several sites. As many people know, OneCoWork is opening a new office in the Gothic district by April. So I had to add the new offices to these sites by inserting photos but also comments from OneCoWork.


Content Creation (Social Networks & Website)

I also had the opportunity to contribute to Social Media during the first few days. This work consisted of promoting the company and our upcoming events on social networks (OneCoWork is mainly involved in Instagram). I created stories to attract the attention of followers. It was necessary to use the company's branding, including colors as well as the hashtags and locations. 

In addition to this work, I was in charge of writing the upcoming events on the OneCoWork website. One of my biggest lessons that I learned is that for a company to work, it must be involved in networks, both online and just in the community, because business is the world of today and tomorrow.

The creation of our event 

After 3 weeks on this work, I had the chance to work on a brand new project with a member of my team. Over a period of almost 1 month (end of January to end of February), we had the task of creating an event of our choice. We had to plan everything, both financially and marketing, which included a lot of communication (how were we going to disclose the information?).  To do this, we started by doing brainstorming (which took over a week). After a week, we knew where we were going. 

Our first goal was for the members of the company to get to know each other better and, for that reason, what better way to do it than to bring them together for a Quiz Night? The purpose of this event was, therefore, to create a space for exchange while moving away from work. We created a series of several games including a blind test, an anagram game, questions about the company as well as general cultural questions and a quiz logo. The teams were composed of 5-6 people. 

This work taught me to stay connected to those who asked us to create this project but also to have a good understanding of the person with whom I was creating the event. I realized that teamwork is essential in a company. 


Going Forward

I have a lot of nostalgia when I think back to those three months here. I can say that at OneCoWork members and employees are one big family and everyone loves what they do. 

I have learned that you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I recommend this company 100% and if I have to go back to a company I will not hesitate to ask OneCoWork again. I now know that marketing is an area I really appreciate so thank you to the whole community!

I thank all the members of OneCoWork for allowing me to discover the work they do.

Interested in working with us at OneCoWork? Be sure to check out our careers page where we post any new openings!

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