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Member Spotlight: Viktoria Lindner

Dror Wayne

25 September 2018

In this week's member spotlight we're joined by Viktoria Lindner of DONE!trainings. Born and raised in Berlin, she travels the world for work and enjoys the new perspectives it allows her to gain! She tries to question her truths as the absolute truths and is soon to move from OneCoWork Marina Port Vell to OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning. One can only teach if they never stop being ready to learn from others.

Hobbies and Free Time: Tell us what you love!

I love sports and I love to convince people to join early sport sessions! Yoga or a run are the best ways to start your day with a conscious mindset! When I grew up my dad used to be a sports trainer. This introduced me to the importance of sport to find a balance. 

However, my second passion is Psychology, since this is my educational background. I've always been curious about the beauty of different mindsets and what brings people to such a diversity.

I like to leave the city to spend time in nature. I love outdoor activities with friends, where in addition to great conversations, you also get a sense of connectedness. I also love to cook for people - probably the ''caretaker'' gene I inherited from my family. 

...and professionally? Tell us more.

How to describe my role... well.

First, I try to inspire managers and employees to recognize the value of education and an expanded horizon. As an HR consultant, I learned first-hand that it can sometimes be hard to accept change. Nevertheless, it is essential to open up to new perspectives and methods. Only this allows us to see the big picture and really achieve a development in the company. 

Together with my clients, I develop workshops customized to their needs and pick up the team where it stands. I accompany the process in various areas such as leadership, values and communication/feedback over a longer period of time. Hence I will always be available as a contact person and people & culture consultant because such training always has a strategic framework.

Can we have some more insight into DONE!trainings, please?

Did you know that our thinking and listening don’t align? 

Not just that they don’t get along well but they seriously have some issues! Our hearing is much slower than our brain’s ability to think. We listen to only 100-125 words per minute while our brain can utilize up to 3000 words per minute during thinking. Yes, we were also amazed when we first heard about it!

And the world, especially communication, is full of wonders and surprises. But also basic patterns. 

At DONE!Trainings, we believe that steady learning is a key element for the organizational development and will always take place on a holistic level. Our responsive, customized and need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one. 

However, training comes from ‘’to train’’ which means educating or getting better. This indicates that education takes time to consolidate what you have learned since humans brains always need repetitions to internalize the content actually and long term. 

Nevertheless, initial insights are important fundamentals. In our workshops we focus to change behaviour - this does not happen within a few days. During our training, you will often have surprise moments and aha-experiences that form the basis for new insights and sustainable development. We give food for thought and this will also raise a lot of controversy.   

Connect with Viktoria!

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