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Member Spotlight: Alexandra Kolltuft

Bre Gajewski

22 January 2019

Meet OneCoWork Member Alexandra Kolltuft, a Payroll Officer for OSM and a native from Oslo, Norway here to share with us a little more about her hobbies, career path, and more! 

Hola, Alexandra! Tell us a little about you and your interests. 

I am half French so I studied in France (+ Hong Kong and Spain) for my bachelor degree. I played handball for 10 years, and now I like doing all kinds of sports; running, volleyball, hiking, biking etc. I love photography, cooking food from all over the world and travelling.

In my free time, I enjoy meeting friends, because it gives me energy; running, because it clears my mind; discovering new things in my neighborhood (bars, restaurants etc); learning languages, because it’s fun and watching good movies and TV Shows.

Share a little bit about your career journey…

I chose to study International Management to be able to work with something that combines business and working with people across cultures and sectors. I am continuously discovering what I like to work with and being a part of OSM is perfect, as the company is young and there are many interesting projects going on. In the future, I hope to get into a path that combines business, sustainability and technology.

I am currently a Payroll Officer, which is a combination of HR and accounting. I pay the salary to OSM’s flight and cabin crew in the US and Germany. 

Give three tips to our readers - on any subject! 

  1. Be kind and curious. 
  2. Eat nachos at Pachuco.
  3. Recycle! 

Tell us a joke! 

I am terrible at jokes but I have a thing for simple humor. So here we go:

“Knock knock"

"Who’s there?"


"Etch who?!"

"Bless you, friend”.

Who inspires you? 

People around me who are good at appreciating the small things in life and people who speak up for what they believe in.

How can your coworkers connect with you? 

Just talk to me, I love meeting new people! I'll probably be at afterworks soon but you can catch me around the coffee machine and on the terrace. You can also add me on LinkedIn, here

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