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Introducing the Coworking Collective

Natalie Deller

23 January 2020

Get FREE Coworking Across North America & Europe as part of the Coworking Collective

The State of work in 2020

It’s 2020 and our planet is more connected than ever. With Twitter reporting global updates faster than news companies can write about them and budget airlines auctioning international travel for as little as possible, Globalisation has made us open-minded and excited to explore what other cultures and people have to offer. Very literally, the world is our oyster. 

Remote workers are at the forefront of those taking advantage of this; an abundance of wifi has made remote work effortless and it has never been easier (or cheaper!) to hop on a red-eye flight, whether for business or to discover a new tropical holiday destination. 

Taking this into account, we want to make it possible for members to bring coworking with them wherever they choose to go.

The Flexibility of Coworking in 2020


There is no denying that coworking has become irreplaceable in society today, disrupting the real estate industry and the way that people work to create an environment for productivity to flourish and individuals to thrive. It has become a necessity for a coworker to check out new Cowork spaces on their travels to take a break from the beach and catch up with some emails with the familiarity of an espresso. 

Whilst OneCoWork is growing rapidly, unfortunately, we are not (yet) able to say we have global coverage. However, this shouldn’t stop our members from booking their flights to enjoy what the world has to offer.  There are approximately 35,000 coworking spaces across the planet today and we want our members to take advantage of this; travel should never have to mean leaving coworking behind. 

What is the Coworking Collective?

That’s why we are excited to announce that we have joined The CoWorking Collective. It’s an innovative way to connect our members with high-quality international coworking spaces that also believe in community, design and fostering productivity. 

We feel confident that our values are not compromised and our members will be in safe hands on their trips worldwide. The Coworking Collective are a hand-picked group of American, Canadian, and now European coworking spaces focused on building a thriving global network. 

What do you get with the Coworking Collective?

OneCoWork members are now entitled to 3 free days access per month for no extra cost to any space within the collective, all they will need to do is email us which Cowork they plan to visit, and when! This is our way of giving back and reminding our members that our support isn’t limited to the 08002 postal code. Coworking is about community and we want to ensure our coworkers grow wherever they go. 

Joining up with other communities around the globe only makes our network stronger. With the whole collective striving for global expansion, our vision of Coworking being the future of work is one step closer to becoming a reality. Check out the list below to see where our collective can take you already...

The Coworking Collective

The collective has an ongoing outreach program, so check back, as this list will be updated regularly, as and when new spaces join...

Coworking Collective: USA

New York City - The Commons

Seattle - The Cloud Room

San Francisco - Eco-System

Coworking Collective: CANADA

Vancouver - Suite Genius

Montreal - At Workbase

Toronto - WorkHaus

Kitchener-Waterloo - WorkHaus

Calgary - WorkHaus

This decade will see the coworking sector at it’s best; a network with a shared ethos in a globalised society. We hope you take advantage of the incredible links we are building worldwide so that you can balance basking in new experiences with remote work. 

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