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7 Tips to Succeed After Graduating

Bridget Sleap

16 November 2018

This Saturday is International Students’ Day, so we’re dedicating this blog post to all of the students who are slowly approaching graduation. Transitioning from university to the real world can be slightly intimidating and full of question marks. But it’s okay to not have it all figured out right away. That’s why this transition period is crucial and can make all the difference in securing a job and reaching success. Here are 7 tips to ensure you have a smooth transition from university to a career and succeed after graduating:

Adjust Your Daily Routine

It’s okay to not have all of the answers ready when you’re first adjusting to the real world after university. But don’t fear the unknown, embrace it! This is the time to adjust your daily routine and focus on where you’re headed. By making minor adjustments to your schedule, you’ll be able to increase productivity and reduce stress. Being able to get quality sleep and have productive, organized days will help you when you land your first career since you’ll be ready to handle clearly structured days.

Save Your Money and Create a Budget

At this point in your life, it’s so important to save your money! Budgeting money is one of the few challenges of transitioning out of university because your spending priorities are changing. There are so many new graduates that don’t know how to properly budget their money and don’t have savings at all. Having a substantial amount of money saved can only benefit you going forward in order to be self-sufficient. On top of that, creating a budget will help you manage your monthly expenses and know how much excess spending money is leftover. Being in control of how your money is being spent will relieve you of a lot of unnecessary stress and help you succeed after graduating. 

Assess Your Current Situation With the Job Market

Now that you’ve made some adjustments to your daily schedule and monetary funds, start thinking about what career challenges you may need to overcome. Start with determining any obstacles you may face in your particular job field. For example, does your job market hire at specific times of the year, or sporadically? Is your job field very broad or more limited? If you’re looking to move to a new city to pursue a career, do some research on what companies are expanding or hiring in that surrounding area. If you have knowledge about your job market, the transition from student to professional life will become much smoother.

Create and Maintain Good Relationships

Whether it’s maintaining old friendships or making new connections through networking, it’s so important to have good relationships in your life. No matter how busy life can get, having loved ones to catch up with will bring you positivity and happiness. Plus if you ever need assistance, you’ll get more useful answers asking someone in your circle and it’s not as intimidating. Aside from networking through existing relationships in your life, create new connections! Something as small as having a Linkedin account can open the door to new faces and potential links towards your next job. If you’re interested in ways to make the most of your networking, click here.

Bulk Up Your Resume with Volunteer Work or an Internship

Any work experience is useful work experience when trying to land a new career. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with completing an internship the summer after you’ve graduated. In fact, it may be the perfect bridge when transitioning from university to career. You’ll gain real work experience, create new connections, and have something positive to include on your resume. Aside from an internship, volunteering is an amazing way to meet new people and bulk your resume. There are so many opportunities to volunteer, so you can pick something that compliments your schedule. Having the ability to help others and have a positive impact on society reflects positively on your character and your values. Plus, it feels great to give back to the community!

Practice Mindfulness Activities

This is the perfect time for you to really focus on improving your health, so what better way to do so than improving your mindfulness? Mindfulness can decrease anxiety, improve your sleep habits, and help you lead a healthier lifestyle. One way to do so is through exercise, so find what works best for you and your schedule. Whether it’s an intense 60-minute gym workout, yoga, or even a 10-minute walk around the block, there are dozens of way you can exercise and enjoy doing it. Aside from exercise, put your phone down before bedtime and read a good book or write in a journal about your day. Give your room or apartment an intensive clean-out. After all, having a clean space can improve sleep, increase physical activity, and decrease stress. If you’re looking for some more tips or phone apps to improve mindfulness, click here.  

Remember This is Only the Beginning!

The transition from university to finding work is overwhelming, but remember that this is just the start of your path to finding your success. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t pan out exactly how you imagined. Take everything as a learning experience and trust the process. As long as you stay hungry and motivated, you’ll land on your feet. 

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