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How To Create A Great Morning Routine?

Laura Gonzalez

18 August 2017

Most people can agree that their least favourite sound on this planet after open-mouthed munching is the sound of their alarm! Go on, be honest, how many times did you press the snooze button this morning? Apparently pressing snooze can screw up your entire day and believe us, those stolen minutes, as irresistible as they seem, aren't worth it. Equally, waking up at 4 AM because your night time motivational podcast told you it's the only way to succeed isn't good for you either! However, there are some things you can easily change to make your mornings successful.


As soon as you wake up, let the positivity flood in; simply do something you enjoy. It can be something as simple as a cup of deliciously brewed coffee, a refreshing cold shower or getting new shoes! No new shoes? Then, make sure you fit it in some pleasure moment at a later point in the day. Why not take advantage of it and plan a lunch in Barceloneta with a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time? 


Your body is composed of about 60% water and we can’t stress enough how important it is to drink water to maintain the balance of bodily fluids, especially during these hot Barcelona days. As soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning, try to drink a glass of water before even reaching for the on the button of your espresso machine! For the best morning, start of well hydrated, as you mean to continue: Try to keep hydrated during your day in the office. We make this as easy as possible for you by providing unlimited fruit infused water. Do you have a favourite flavour yet?


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Whether you are preparing for tomorrows meeting, practicing your sales pitch or simply deciding what you should have for lunch, preparation is the key to success. No one wants to start the morning stressing out about the things that they could have prepared for in advance. We asked some of our OneCoWork Family Members to share with us how they start their mornings. Read on for some inspiration and let us know in the comments what your morning ritual is. 

Now that we've covered some tips, let's see how some of our OneCoWork Members handle their mornings!

Aris Iskandaryan, Mapon - The Planner

I arrive at the office between 09:00-09:15, we do a team meeting summarising the previous day and plans for the current day. After that, I send some emails and call customers, schedule meetings and getting new deals. This is basically my daily morning/day routine at work.

Cheryl Hudson, SUCO Sessions - Beat the Alarm

My morning routine is to wake up without pressing the snooze button (and hopefully just before the alarm), drink little to no water until after my yoga class as this helps to deepen your yoga practice, teach or do yoga and then enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast. Usually this includes gluten free oats, linseeds, other seeds, hazelnuts, hazelnut milk, chia - soaked overnight and then I add fresh fruit in the morning. Sometimes a sea swim before yoga :) POWERFUL!

Valéria Gatalskaya, Real Estate Agent - Breath, Sing and Eat!

When I wake up on time my ideal morning before I go to work takes around 1:15 hour. I sleep with an open window to have fresh air in the bedroom, it helps me a lot. And the singing birds is the cherry on the pie. Once the waking up process is over I put the music very loudly, mostly reggaetón or dynamic jazz like Ray Charles and while I am shaking my way to the kitchen to drink water - the best start of the day - I am getting dressed fast and grab some fruits or yogurt for breakfast. So my most important elements are fresh air, blue sky, sunny bedroom, good loud music and a breakfast!

Andrew Hancock, Digital Sync - The Sport

I wake up around 7AM and jump in my sports gear, then blend a fruit/protein shake (to be consumed in an hour or two) and drink some coconut oil :) On Tuesday at 07:45 AM I cycle to OneCowork for 8AM SUCO Yoga session and afterwards I hit the gym for 15-30min. Finally, I shower and I am at my desk ideally before 10.00 AM.        

Nicki Empson, OneCoWork - Slow and Comforting

Mornings are my favourite time of day; I feel like I am starting with a blank slate. On a typical week morning, I wake up at about 07.30 (which is earlier than I need to but I need my mornings to be slow and smooth!), I cook porridge with dark chocolate, honey and banana, I make a cup of coffee, although I'm trying to change this to a glass of hot water and lemon and I relax. I leave for work at about 08.30 and then the real fun begins.

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