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How OneCoWork are making the holidays meaningful

Ella Webber

11 December 2019

December means different things for different people. Some people congregate around a brightly lit pine tree and exchange gifts before heading out to sing to their neighbours. Others light candles for eight nights and prepare a feast of starchy foods to celebrate the miracle of the oil, such as doughnuts and potato pancakes. Some celebrations include songs and dances, as well as storytelling and poetry reading at a large, traditional meal. There’s no lack of traditions and celebrations throughout the holiday season but one thing remains consistent through all of these, and that is the togetherness. The holidays are a time that people come together for no other reason than to be together. 

In the past we’ve jumped on the Christmas marketing bandwagon, but this year we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of spending the holidays knocking on metaphorical doors, we’re spending some time at home with our family and the OCW community. This holiday season we’re focusing on appreciating what we’ve got and not pining ( 🎄) after what we don’t. It’s one thing to build a community, it’s a completely separate thing to nurture and maintain it. It’s not a question of constantly adding new members or constantly looking to grow, it’s about making each individual feel like they’re a part of something. Humans are hardwired to bond, but it’s what happens after that initial connection that truly defines the togetherness of a community. Ultimately, a strong community is built from the inside out, simple as. It’s for this reason that our aim for the holiday season is to bring joy to our coworkers, or at the very least a little festive cheer. We’ll be doing this in lots of different ways, starting with:

A secret Santa

In order to really bring joy to the member’s the festive season, we’re partaking in the age-old tradition of secret gift-giving. Coworkers signed up by writing their names on a piece of paper and placing it in a hat, and the rest was organised by our fantastic Community Team. It’s a great way to build camaraderie between members and staff alike, and a super way to get chatting with someone you may have never had the chance to chat with before. It takes the space back to a level of secrecy reminiscent of playground crushes at secondary school and is an all-round joyful experience.

A festive celebration

We’re celebrating the holiday season with community parties. It’s the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy the festive feeling in the air. It’s also where we’ll be giving and receiving Secret Santa gifts. Holiday themed jumpers are absolutely encouraged but in no way mandatory, and the drinks are on the house, as always.

A pinch of joy

We want the festive season to be exactly that, a season. Not a day or a couple of days. Our goal is to fill this time of the year with joyful experiences around the coworking spaces. All year our coworkers personify the OneCoWork values, and half of them don’t even know they’re doing it. Even on their worst days, they’re passionate, driven individuals who’ve created the inclusive community we enjoy today. So let’s celebrate that. 

We hope to see everyone at the festive celebrations and can’t wait to see all the presents piled under the tree. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, whack on some WHAM!, and join us in appreciating the wonderfully weird community that exists here. 

Happy Holidays, coworkers.

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