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Ray Slater Berry

18 June 2019

It’s been an exceptionally busy few months here at OneCoWork. What with our appearance at 4YFN, starting our summer events like Yoga and Meditation on the terrace as well as opening our newest space Goti- Wait, scratch the last part. We’ve got some news that we should probably share with you. 

Just over a month ago we opened your newest location and the third space in our mission to bring JOY to the world of work. 

CTRL + ALT + ⏯️

We took a moment, we considered how we intend to grow and we’ve renamed our newest space. Gotic no more! It gives us a great pleasure to (re)present to you OneCoWork, Catedral. 

We hope Catedral will be the hub of creativity within the Gothic quarter, we hope to see ideas blossom and lifetime connections made. PLUS, for all of the expats out there, we hope to see you nail that Spanish tongue roll on the R. Say it with us, CATEDRAL. It’s got a roll in it and a ring to it. 🔔😉

See you by the bells. 

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