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Building a Community: World Friendship Day 2018

Dror Wayne

30 July 2018

It’s no wonder that OneCoWork is the best coworking office in Barcelona – all our members know how important community is to us. One key difference between coworking and ordinary business networking is that coworking allows you to grow personal, social connections; not just business ones.

So in honour of World Friendship Day we’ve asked five of our coworkers to share with us how they made friends here at OneCoWork Port Vell – with our new city centre office in Placa Catalunya opening its doors soon, it’s sure to be useful for all our new members!

Sara, Education Specialist – AFAR &

Stewart, Entrepreneur – GM Resy Spain

Sara works here at OneCoWork alongside her husband Stewart. When she moved to Barcelona from Paris, an Austrian friend insisted on introducing her to a mutual friend who had also moved to Barcelona. So they got chatting and both mentioned that they worked in an incredible coworking office in the Marina, with wonderful views of Barcelona. You guessed it, they were sitting three desks away right here in OneCoWork Port Vell.

Sebastian, IT Specialist - Freelance

Sebastian has been at OneCoWork for five months and tells us that once you’re established with a few people – such as our community managers or the people working on desks near you – they’ll introduce you to other people, so there’s a kind of ripple effect – map it out and it would look like a pyramid. So no more awkwardly introducing yourself – we look out for each other in this community!

On another note, he also tells us that the table-football is a great way to meet people whilst having a breakout…

Ian, Event Organiser - Harbour Space University

According to Ian, OneCoWork’s Afterwork drinks, free for members every Friday, are a great way to mix and mingle. People are there, at the end of a long week, to make connections, so don’t be afraid!

The rules of our Afterwork are very strict. Business is to be left at the door – we’ve all worked hard and deserve a reward! But they’re not the only social events we have – and there will be more to come in Placa Catalunya!

Robin, Digital Development – Studio RAO

 “It’s not enough just to be a member… but you’re halfway there”.

The other half? Making sure to go to the events and show people you’re open to meeting them is essential. Be friendly, outgoing and confident.

One of his first Afterworks, Robin went out and bought more beer for everyone – now that’s away to make yourself known!

OneCoWork regularly holds social, business and skills events in our two spaces - Marina Port Vell and Plaça Catalunya - open to all members. Our members are also entitled to attend a variety of events around Barcelona partnered with OneCoWork, at special rates. All of these are great ways to network and meet like minded people in this incredible city

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