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Breakfast Club: OneCoWork's Community Managers

Lisa Delétang

21 February 2018

Did you miss this morning's session with our Community Managers? There is no need to worry, here you have a summary of what happened.


This Wednesday's Breakfast Club was conducted by our Community Managers: Patricia Ayastuy, Stacey Matthews and Lydia Nesic. They offered to our coworkers a presentation about their functions here at OneCoWork and all things related to Community Management. Here are the different points they approached this morning:

  • Presentation of the new OneCowork website: how to log in visitors and book meeting rooms
  • Rules and policies at OneCoWork
  • Activities coworkers can participate, in order to interact with other members: Blind Chef, Afterworks, Breakfast Club
  • New things upcoming
  • A slack group for all the members with different channels: jobs, sports, social, community, housing and more
  • Information about Crew Lounge to host events
  • A brief presentation about the future coworking space in Plaça Catalunya

If you have anything to add or to ask, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Once again, thank you very much for attending and don't forget, if you want to take part in this weekly event, please get in touch with our community managers or send an email to [email protected].

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