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5 Startups In Barcelona Gotic That You Need To Know About

Bre Gajewski

14 March 2019

We can’t wait for our new OneCoWork Gotic office to open next month! As you may already know, Barcelona Gotic is a thriving neighborhood for businesses, especially startups. We are so excited to be surrounded by this energy at our new office. 

Here are six awesome startup companies in Gotic that you should know about: 

  1. JUMO 

Jumo creates products to digitize your business processes from CRMs to Process Analysis to Business Intelligence. “We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems.” 

  1. Workkola

Workkola is determined to help students stand out from the crowd when they are applying for jobs by connecting them to companies that need help with work. They create real-work challenges that are mutually beneficial for both the student and the company. 

  1. Datacity 

OneCoWork is fortunate to host DataCity in our Placa Catalunya office! This company is dedicated to solving urban challenges for European cities where the data is the tool for solving the issue; specifically in Barcelona, they are focusing on urban mobility. DataCity Barcelona 2017 is promoted by the Commission of Tech and Digital Innovation. 

  1. Natural Machines

Natural Machines are the creators of the product Foodini, a 3D printer for food. You prepare fresh ingredients and the machine prints your favorite foods beautifully right on your plate. “Foodini adds another dimension that expands your creativity in the kitchen. Create fascinating food designs, present food in extraordinary ways, and customize and balance dishes to amaze customers.”  

  1. Sequentia 

Sequentia is “a bioinformatics company that offers services and technologies that help transform genomic data into knowledge in academic research, plant and animal breeding and biomedicine.” Housed in the Scientific Research Park at the Universitat of Barcelona, this company is dedicated to making it easier for you to learn, conduct research and track results, among other things. 

Barcelona has a thriving startup environment with which OneCoWork is proud to be involved. As a startup ourselves, we know the power of connecting with other startups in your community. Not only is it great to be aware of the environment that you are launching into, but you can also learn so much from other startups around you and potentially work together or gain clients. 

Learn more about the startup scene in Barcelona via Barcinno, “the collaborative platform sharing the news, knowledge & events of Barcelona’s startup, tech and innovation communities,” which we are proud to have headquartered in our very own OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya office.

Want to work in the new OneCoWork Gotic office so you can be around all of these startups too? Read more about our new space in this blog post or book a tour with us today! Not only is Barcelona’s Gotic a great place to work, but it is also great for taking the best photos in the city and grabbing a bite to eat

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