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2018 Coworker Members' Choice Award

Lisa Delétang

23 April 2018

Dear OneCoWork's family,

This is with a tremendous pleasure and a lot of gratitude that we wanted to officially announce that OneCoWork won the 2018 Coworker Members' Choice Award for Barcelona!

We have kindly been rewarded by the member-powered platform for the global coworking community, enabling people to find and connect with their perfect coworking space wherever they are in the world: Coworker.

As you may already know, winners were determined based on the thousands of reviews, votes and opinions collected in one year, from coworking space members worldwide.

To no one's surprise, we obviously had to thank every single one of you, faithful and devoted members, coworkers and team of OneCoWork, without whom nothing would have been possible. 

To finish, here are some words from our CEO, Ben Nachoom:

"I'm exceptionally proud of the team for what they have created. With over 250 members, and targeting 750 total by the end of the year, it's not an easy job to create such a tight community. It's relentless work and they do a great job, the award is just recognition for work we already know they do brilliantly. We also need to thank our members for bringing such passion to our spaces every day, and their willingness to share knowledge, time and expertise to help us strenghten our community even more."

Many thanks again...

... and let's continue to make grow our beautiful family!

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