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Maximise Your Gains: How to Thrive in CoWorking

Chan Yanyin

30 August 2018

Every January, gym memberships across the world spike, but many of those new members are gone by Valentine's Day. Here's why.

The fact is, although the trend is to join a gym and try to get in shape, most people don’t know what to do once they’re there to maximize their gains. They can’t see any progress, so they feel like they’re wasting their time and their money – then they quit.

The current trend is to join CoWorking spaces. It’s on the rise across the world. But it’s important to make sure you know how to make the most of it once you’ve taken out your membership. We’ve asked our OneCoWork experts to share with us five tips to help you maximize the return on your investment into CoWorking.

Be Open Minded
Sharing a creative space with people from all around the world and from various specialties is a fantastic way to grow your business effectively, but to do so, it is essential to be open-minded to learning from others. Throw yourself into the diverse surrounding to inspire yourself and propel yourself forward. Sure, it will take some getting used to - working with a wide range of people - but the endless opportunities to learn are invaluable, so make use of it!

Be Considerate
OneCoWork is all about the community - we'll get on to how to make the most of that in just a moment. Before we do, however, it's important to mention that in any office or coworking space, it's essential to respect one another to maintain the pleasant and constructive working environment. Keep voices at a reasonable level; use break out areas for socialising and take advantage of the soundproofed telephone booths for calls - this will encourage everyone else to do the same. Similarly, keep the environment clean and don't bring strong-smelling foods into the working areas.

Take Advantage of the Community Management Team
CoWorking firms are businesses and just like in any other business, every staff member has a purpose - from architects to accountants and from salespeople to the CEOs, everyone is hired to fulfill a different role. The Community Managers' role is to help you make the most of your membership! That doesn't just mean sorting out the printer when you have an issue, it means being a catalyst for the connections you make; enhancing your working environment to help you get more done and of course hosting a variety of events. Don't allow yourself to be just another name in a database - make sure the community managers know exactly who you are and take them up on every single offer.

Be a Leader

Be that guy/ girl. The one people come to for advice, recommendations or support. Be the one who greets everyone with a smile and a friendly, personal greeting. Go out of your way to make everyone feel like your friend and guess what - when the opportunity opens, they'll come to you for business. Or recommend you as a great person to hire. Either way - invest in relationships; be a character; be a leader. It pays off.

Be engaged
We know - it's sometimes a nightmare to get out of bed in the morning and even worse is the thought of staying late at the office for an event. But pushing yourself to get involved in all the activities on offer is the best way to 
benefit your business through coworking. So go to the afterwork drinks - even if you don't plan on staying long. Get up for the morning yoga - even if your bed is significantly more attractive at 7:30am. 

If you can balance being an engaged leader with simultaneously being open-minded and considerate of others and remember to take advantage of our team, your ROI will skyrocket. Making the move to coworking is half the job - maximise your gains, keep pushing and you'll soon reap the full benefits.

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