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How Technology Affects the Workplace

Bridget Sleap

08 November 2018

It goes without being said that technology has become a part of our daily lives. While often times we benefit from having technology in the workplace, sometimes it can be our biggest kryptonite. Join OneCoWork’s Bridget Sleap to discover the various ways in which technology affects the workplace.

 Communication and Collaboration

Communication in the workplace has evolved with the rise of technology. What are some of these positive effects technology has in the workplace? 

Texts, emails, and video calls make it possible to communicate easily with coworkers no matter where they are. Being able to use a smartphone in the office without consequences has become the “norm” and quite popular. It’s been proven that smartphone use in the workplace has increased productivity, employee morale, and saves the company money. This is a huge impact technology has had on employees. Employees that are able to connect with coworkers at the touch of their fingers can make collaborating simple. Intercommunication across the board is made simple and timely when you connect coworkers online. More ideas are shared, everyone is on the same page, and it essentially makes your team stronger.

What could be negative about this?

Being able to communicate with coworkers through tech devices is quick and easy, but it’s not always the best thing. While positive effects do exist, there are also negative effects that technology has in the workplace. For instance, speaking regularly through smartphones and emails might decrease human interaction in the workplace. Sometimes it’s better to be able to collaborate with members face-to-face in order to strengthen employee bonds. There can be pressure to constantly be available on tech devices, even when employees leave work for the day, which isn’t realistic. Eventually, personal lives get compromised at the expense of the work life. If this is the case, it’ll highlight the impact technology has on employees in the future. It’s so important to have a healthy balance between work and relaxation to avoid a stress overload. 

Increasing Work Flexibility

Before the sharp incline of technology, work was mainly a formal environment in a conventional office space with a consistent schedule. Technology has affected the workplace and the flexibility that comes with it. Since it’s easier to communicate with coworkers and clients, some jobs don’t require a standard office space anymore. It’s essential to be able to have a flexible work schedule so that it’s easier to manage life outside of work, like family needs. By 2020 many jobs will have internet-based services that’ll make it possible to work from anywhere. Employees will be able to work from home, their favorite coffee spot, a coworking space, or really anywhere. Hours for employees can be made more flexible depending on the work being done, allowing more ideal free time. The dress code in the office is becoming increasingly more casual. In fact, many companies are starting to dismantle standard dress codes. 

However, it’s important now more than ever for employees to be self-sufficient. Technology can negatively affect the workplace if the unconventional workplace isn’t used wisely. With a newfound sense of freedom in the workplace comes responsibility. Flexible work environments and work hours could decrease productivity if not used correctly. Employees working from home could easily get sucked into other tasks that aren’t work-related. That’s why it’s important to use work time wisely so that the work is still getting done the way it should be. 

A sensible compromise is basing your company out of a coworking space. They’ll have access to a variety of facilities and benefits, including workshops to develop their skills and exercise classes. They can move around to find their preferred working spot - whether that’s at a fixed desk, in a communal area or outdoors on a terrace. You’ll also have access to boardrooms, meeting rooms, printing facilities and all the other resources you can need. 


Technology affects the workplace the more relevant it’s becoming. While there are some downsides, overall the effects are positive and beneficial to employers and employees. Technology has helped people who work all different jobs live the life they want.

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