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ene 01, 2022
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About OneCoWorkshops

We've launched an exclusive community-led series of digital workshops designed to improve yourself, your business, and everything in between. This series will cover everything from keeping fit to how to thrive during and after the current crisis. If you're interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with the community, get in touch with

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What's Happening:

This series is exclusively for OneCoWorkers, and has been made with your wants and needs in mind. To make things a little simpler, we've separated the videos into playlists:

🧘 Health & Wellness

There's very little within our control at the moment, but one of the things we can control is our health. Whether you're a fitness freak or an absolute novice, you're sure to get your blood pumping with one of these workouts.

🧠 Personal Development

Some extra time on your hands gives you the perfect opportunity to work on yourself. Dedicating some time every day to self-improvement, whether it be meditation or language learning, provides some routine in a very chaotic time. 

👔 Professional Development

Want to bounce back better than ever after all this? Being surrounded by such a talented and motivated community has never been so useful. Take this time to improve your professional skills and share experiences with other like-minded go-getters.

📈 Business Guidance

Everything's a little up in the air right now, with new information arriving on the daily. Through open discussion and knowledge exchange, find out whether other businesses are having similar issues and what they're doing to manage them.

🍎 Food and Drink

Eating right is essential to staying healthy during this lockdown, and we know how hard that can be at the best of times. These videos provide delicious recipes and tips for a healthy diet, as well as the occasional sweet treat to lift your spirits. 

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