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Momentum: How to Create New Beginnings for Your Business (Part 2) - LIVE EVENT

jun 03, 2020
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This event is part of our online series.

Get the tools and answers on how to create new opportunities for your business at this OneCoWorkshop.

About the event

This is the 2nd session of the live webinar series hosted by Erik Eklund to give you tools and inspiration on how to create new beginnings for your business.

To get clarity and be in the flow that you and your business can be, instead of feeling stuck, confused or receive "meh" results, is a simple, yet delicate skill of asking more effective questions.

How many times have you asked or heard this?

  • What shall I do?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • What if it goes wrong?
  • Why is it not working?
  • How to get new clients?
  • Will he/she/they like me?
  • Why did they say/do that?
  • How can I make more money?
  • How can I be more successful?
  • How do I know if it will work out?

They are only a few of the most asked questions, yet, neither of them provides effective answers so you know what to do and can be in the flow.

Join us in this session, bring your questions and you will get to practice a tool that radically increases the probability that you’ll find the answers you seek.

“You get what you ask for”


Wednesday, 3 June at 12:00

Where: Zoom
Duration: 1 hour
Register: Confirm your place here (deadline by 2nd June 12:00)

Let’s use this period as momentum to create new opportunities and if you want to learn more about Erik and Erik's story, find it here.

About Erik Eklund

Erik Eklund is founder and speaker at Connecting Humans. His team gives people a place to connects and be encouraged to do what they believe in.

Read about Erik's journey here.

Join us!

When: Wednesday 3rd of June 2020, 12:00

The link to join the call at 12:00 is this one.

*Please note that this event may be photographed and/or recorded for marketing and other purposes. You can learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.

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