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Mindset of a Seller and The Biggest Sales Secrets

OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya | Cl Estruc, 9, Barcelona
oct 23, 2019
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This workshop is prepared and hosted by the ShiftMakers BCN, for everyone who is looking for tangible sales results as part of everyday professional life. It will benefit everyone who makes sales, gets new clients, new business. It is good for professionals and entrepreneurs.

About the workshop

This 2 hours workshop will give you a hands-on, proven strategy to overcome your sales struggles and achieve your financial goals. 

The key values you will take from here:

  • You will learn why you struggle in Sales and how to overcome it.
  • You will learn the greatest Sales Secrets and the most important thing in Sales.
  • You will get rid of limitations and get the foundation to turn into a sell machine.
  • You will leave equipped with the proven to be effective sales techniques which you can apply straight away and watch your sales to grow.

This workshop will also give an opportunity to ask questions, practice what you have learnt, and get an advise specific to your individual situation in business/work. You will also have a chance to utilise all that you learnt while networking and connecting with other participants. Who know maybe you will make your new sale right there or will create a new collaboration.

About Maximilian Aulinger

Maximilian is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of sales experience and a Co-Founder of the ShiftMakers BCN. He owns a Sales Consultancy in Barcelona and a 30 People Recruitment Company in Germany.

He has discovered the power of sales at a very young age. After being kicked out of every public school he has attended, his only option was to continue education in the private school. He has started working in sales in order to pay for the school Max.

What began out of necessity, turned into a very rewarding journey. After 3 successful international sales jobs, Max stepped into an area he has never worked in before, recruitment. This was 2 years ago and it took him to the next level, as an entrepreneur and owner of two successful companies. 

Maximilian's goal is to create a company where everybody can become a millionaire in 5 years or less.


When: Wednesday, October 23rd, 19:00 - 21:00, registration from 18:30

Where: OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya, Cl Estruc, 9, Barcelona

Non-member tickets:  Early-bird €15, Standard €20, at the Door €25

OneCoWork members: free (booking is essential!)

Value: €500

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