27 November 2018
Carrer d'Estruc, 9, 08002 Barcelona

Welcome to The Thrive Series; A weekly 1-hour series led by Erik Eklund on the principles of excellence, authenticity, and collaboration.

Do you have the brand spanking urge to evolve, positively impact others and live your full potential with a business and life you love? We call that state, Thrive.

Each week, in a 1-hour session lead by Erik, you are empowered to explore 1 key subject of a monthly topic.

This is the 3rd session, we started with:

  • Act I - "Once upon a time" - The What.
  • Act II - "A villain emerged" - The Why.

 over the next few weeks, you'll get the hands-on experience required for you to be an outstanding storyteller.

Roll up your sleeves and explore how to:

  • Crystallize your purpose. 
  • Attract more high paying clients. 
  • Magnify your private & professional reputation.

We have only one rule here, there is no “You Need To”.


  • November 27; Act III - "The hero stood firm" - The Solution. 
  • December 4; Act IV - "Happily ever after" - The Tomorrow.


We meet at OneCoWork, a unique coworking space in Barcelona, designed to be a home to inspire, empower and foster a thriving community on the principles of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. An outstanding home for young talent and those with extensive experience, from startups to large corporates, national and international, to come together and thrive.

  • We meet at 08:45 to enjoy the morning coffee 
  • Limited to 8 people

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Don’t lean back, we won’t give you a PowerPoint. - - Don’t be quiet, we won’t judge you. - - Don’t stop, we won’t give up. 

But wait, who is this guy Erik?

Well let's put it this way, he is a pain, known for his real talk only; no-asshole and no-bullshit approach. He goes beyond normal, straight through the bullshit and dives deep beneath the surface to unleash the real deal.

Perhaps we should also mention, in addition to spending 15 years abroad, across 9 countries from China to the USA, with companies such as Louis Vuitton or Shangri-La Hotels, and being a Co-Founder of LinkedIn Local and Founder of Connecting Humans, he is regarded as a "true inspiration for authentic leadership and communication, with genuine passion for community building and dedication to lift others up.”

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