21 November 2018
Carrer d'Estruc, 9, 08002 Barcelona - Ground Floor


Winefulness: Hack your mindset, one sip at a time.

We all know the days full of distractions – coming from your mobile phone, your coworkers, your thoughts and emotions – and coming home after a long day feeling like you haven’t achieved anything. To top it off, you skip the gym and can’t find the energy to cook a healthy meal. Sounds familiar?

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and we are increasingly less able to concentrate. This results in unfinished tasks, stress, and even feelings of unhappiness. 

Ever wished you could give your work your undivided attention?

Ever regretted that nasty comment or angry email when you were in a bad mood?

Ever put off a task for days, weeks or months because you couldn’t get yourself to do it?

Join Us!

This informative and fun evening takes us through our mental processes and sheds a light on why we do the things the way we do. 

It gives insights into the hiccups in our brain, and how we can overcome them to power our mind. 

The mindful wine tasting will be led by a WSET Level 3 certified professional who teaches us about the wonders of wine, and how this nectar of the gods can hack your brain to boost your concentration, make wiser decisions, and live happier.
Presented by Blend and Bottled & OneCoWork.

When & Where
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21 November 2018,18:30-21:00.

Ground floor, OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya

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