27 March 2019
OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya

Join us for this complimentary one-hour-and-a-half workshop available for everyone which you will learn how to stop procrastinating.

About the event:

Wondering why you keep procrastinating? Ready to change this? Well, this workshop will give you some understanding and insight into a human's brain, its way of working and the tools to use to act more efficiently.

During this workshop, Julia Villalobos will help you understand your brain through a set of exercises in order to finally get to the right actions to get the best and most efficient result.

This is an amazing opportunity to gain insight into their behavior and obtain a more efficient and less stressful agenda.

Structure of the workshop:

1. Your mind and you.

2. The emotional part of it.

3. Action. But how?

About the speaker:

Julia Villalobos is a professional therapist, seminar lecturer, and private trainer who studied neuroscience and psychology to understand people's mind.

“The reason why I started studying the mind, neuroscience and psychology was because I wanted something ‘more,' wanted to understand my emotions and myself and I definitely wanted to be happier. I needed more tools and this was the reason why I started ‘all this’. When I noticed that my life and how I felt with myself changed and improved I knew I had to share with people to help them understand their minds and get a much more thriving life. I do private trainings, therapy and seminars.

In many cases, if you want something more you need to become someone who is more, better, have more resources and more tools. I am here to give you the tools through an understanding point of view, through a learning experience.”

When & Where?

Wednesday 27th of March, from 7 pm to 8.30pm

Plaça Catalunya, Meeting Room D

**Free for members, 10€ for external (pay at the reception)

If you are interested in attending the event, please sign up here!

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