There will always be something to disturb your workflow, whether it’s an app notification, office dog or a slice of birthday cake. It’s important to know how to deal with those distractions and handle them so they have a positive effect on your day. Here are 4 top tips on how to stay focused at work.

Build a to-do list: Writing a list with your daily tasks is a good way to achieve your goals, and at the end of the day measure your success & productivity. Checking off items in a list actually releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. There are plenty of to-do list apps out there: Ntask, Wunderlist & Microsoft to do. But, there’s still nothing quite like checking something off with the trusted pen and paper. Make the list, complete the list, celebrate.

Have regular breaks: Thread your day with regular breaks. The brain is at its most productive when it’s rested. Take a walk (with a furry friend, preferably), have a chat with a colleague (not work related!) or even try meditation

Book a meeting room: You’ll find that not only the peace of a meeting room will bring focus but even the change of scene. Your brain often gets stuck if your body gets stuck too. Book a room out just for you or your team and knuckle down for an hour or two. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. 

Choose your seat wisely:  Avoid sitting next to or facing the bar/kitchen area which is often the heart of any workspace and where most conversations happen. If you want to focus then settle down somewhere that is not on the most commonly walked path for other members to your workplace. 

We hope these tips will help remain focused and achieve your daily goals. Think we missed one? Let us know what techniques you use to remain focused in the comments below.



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