Bre Gajewski on 21/02/2019
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There is nothing worse than attending, or hosting, a meeting that drags on for over an hour witho...
Bre Gajewski on 18/02/2019
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World Day of Social Justice is celebrated by the UN every 20th of February. In this article, we w...
Bre Gajewski on 18/02/2019
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Christmas comes once a year, but if you're a startup in Barcelona, Christmas falls in Februar...
Bre Gajewski on 14/02/2019
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How would you like to bring your best friend to work with you?Research shows that there are some ...
Bre Gajewski on 12/02/2019
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When it comes to creating the perfect team, there are many approaches and managers will often dis...
Agathe Grosbois on 12/02/2019
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Hi Stewart, could you tell us a little about yourself? I was born in the UK and I have moved to B...
Bre Gajewski on 11/02/2019
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My1Min is revolutionizing the hiring process! It is not a job board, rather it is a recruitment t...
Sophie Grant on 07/02/2019
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The nature of startup funding is changing. Though seed funding has exploded in recent years, the ...
Dror Wayne on 06/02/2019
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In 2019, there’s really no need to spend money on professional photographers - with such hi...
Agathe Grosbois on 05/02/2019
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Hola Dobs! Tell us a little about you and your interests.I was born and grew up in Plovdiv, Bulga...
Bre Gajewski on 04/02/2019
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are spending the holiday in Barcelona thi...
Bre Gajewski on 31/01/2019
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The first month of 2019 is officially over! This month, we had several exciting OneCoWork events ...
Laura Gonzalez on 30/01/2019
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To save you the time involved in searching for tips and advice online, our OneCoWork team have do...
Dror Wayne on 29/01/2019
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In the spotlight this week is the newest member of the OneCoWork Community Team - 24 year-old Car...
Dror Wayne on 28/01/2019
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You might have heard of positive affirmations and how they can change your life, but not know wha...
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