Dean Leite on 21/03/2019
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Sometimes, a simple hello can go a long way. You never know who might be sitting next to you or j...
Lisa Slisli on 21/03/2019
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Routine is part of who we are as human beings. It’s a vicious cycle that starts when we wak...
Lisa Slisli on 19/03/2019
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Hey there, Alfonso! Tell us about yourself?Hi everyone, my name is Alfonso Piñeiro P&eacut...
Lisa Slisli on 18/03/2019
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Your First Day: A Crash Course To CoworkingYou’ve done your research, you booked your place...
Bre Gajewski on 14/03/2019
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We can’t wait for our new OneCoWork Gotic office to open next month! As you may already kno...
Lisa Slisli & Dean Leite on 13/03/2019
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It will probably not surprise you to know that relocating your office is one very stressful activ...
Lisa Slisli on 12/03/2019
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Hi Jared, Could you tell us a little about yourself?Hi there, my name is Jared Johnson and I&rsqu...
Bre Gajewski on 11/03/2019
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We like to think that coworking is new, modern, forward-thinking, ground-breaking and innovative ...
Dror Wayne & Sophie Grant on 08/03/2019
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International Women's Day (8th March) has been running for around 110 years - with the same c...
Bre Gajewski on 06/03/2019
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There is truly nowhere better in Barcelona than the beautiful, historic Gothic Quarter to get the...
Lisa Slisli on 05/03/2019
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This weeks member spotlight is … Per Groeneveld!Hi Per, Could you tell us a little about y...
OneCoWork Marketing Interns on 05/03/2019
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Last week, MWC hosted its annual 4 Years From Now expo in Barcelona from Monday 25th to Wednesday...
Lisa Slisli on 04/03/2019
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There’s a whole mountain of resources available to help you become the best businessperson ...
Lisa Slisli on 26/02/2019
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Hi Alejandro, Could you tell us a little about yourself?I am 33 years old and I was born and rais...
Dror Wayne on 25/02/2019
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In 2016, OneCoWork Marina Port Vell opened. In 2018, it won the Member Choice Awards...
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