Laura GONZALEZ | Dean Leite on 28/04/2019
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Building up communities is what coworking spaces are made for. Getting to know new people by netw...
Nicki Empson | Dean Leite on 26/04/2019
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How many times have you walked into an office, a cafe, or even your home, wanting to get work don...
Lisa Slisli on 23/04/2019
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Hi Ben, tell us about yourself?Hey there, My name is Ben Comstock. I was an orphan in India, adop...
Dean Leite & Lisa Slisli on 23/04/2019
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“I now see that meditation is simply an exercise for the mind, similar to the way we exerci...
Hassan Hesham on 18/04/2019
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On the 18th of April, we celebrate the International Day For Monuments and Sites that was establi...
Bre Gajewski on 10/04/2019
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If crying in front of 50 strangers at the OneCoWork Placa Catalunya office during lunch on the la...
Lisa Slisli on 09/04/2019
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Hey there, Mike! Tell us about yourself?Hi there, my name is Mike Petrovich and I am 30 years old...
Dror Wayne on 08/04/2019
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Working in a coworking space with a strong community has the potential to be like attending a net...
Lisa Slisli on 05/04/2019
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Listening is a very precious, soft skill. We all think it is easy to listen and comprehend what i...
Laura GONZALEZ, Dean Leite on 01/04/2019
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Silicon Valley, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is home to a number of innovative companie...
Agathe Grosbois on 29/03/2019
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I’m Agathe and I am a student in my 2nd year of business school at the BBA INSEEC in Bordea...
Lisa Slisli on 28/03/2019
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First of all, let’s begin by understanding the difference between introverts and extroverts...
Jort Huitema on 27/03/2019
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Just a few weeks left! We can’t wait to have our new office in the Gothic Quarter opening v...
Lisa Slisli on 26/03/2019
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For this week’s Member Spotlight, we are talking with OneCoWork members and the real-life m...
Bre Gajewski on 22/03/2019
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Meet our favorite coworking members (sorry everyone, it’s true)! These members come in ever...
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