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Each year on the 4th of September, World Sexual Health day is marked to raise awareness and encourage positive practices around the world. Nowadays a variety of applications and mobile technologies are available to help you monitor and improve your sexual health practices. We gathered a few of the best for you to try out:


This handy little reminder app helps to ensure you never forget to take your birth control pill - and at the right time of day, too. Why use a normal calendar, when myPill is optimised for the job? Plug in the details of your cycle, what time of day is convenient for you to be reminded and it will even remind you when to buy a new pack, so you never run out.

Ruby by Glow

Currently only available on iOS, this new application has the answers to all your questions but also enables you to track your sexual experiences. Input your feelings at different times for help in analysing and evaluating yourself. The mind is just as important as the body - Ruby helps you to take care of both.

Breast Test

We all know that you’re meant to have a feel to see if everything is alright, but how do you know what you’re feeling? How do you know whether what you feel is normal or an issue? Breast Test is a free app and guides you on what, where and how to feel, checking everything is A-OK.

Blue Ribbon Boys by Hornet

Hornet, a popular dating app for gay and bisexual men launched in 2015 a feature called Blue Ribbon Boys. This feature promotes positive sexual health practices by asking users a series of questions in return for a Blue Ribbon on their Hornet profile - providing they pass. Should a user not qualify for the Blue Ribbon, they’re given advice on improving. Blue Ribbon Boys is a significant advancement because it ensures no men are alienated from positive practice due to their HIV status. 

Natural Cycles

Developed by Nuclear Physicist Elina Berglund, this app helps you work out when you're naturally fertile or infertile and boasts a 93% success rate, according to clinical studies. It's okay for those who don't want to use hormonal contraceptives or condoms, but still want to stay safe (though it doesn't protect against STDs - you'll need myLab Box for that, which is up next). You've got to remember to take your temperature every morning, and the clever algorithm of the app will handle the rest!

myLab Box

Getting checked after a new partner is great in theory, but finding an appointment at your local clinic can be difficult - or sometimes, nearly impossible. This startup aims to eliminate that issue by enabling you to take STD/I checks from the comfort of your home. The kit will be mailed to you with a prepaid return package and clear instructions on how to gather the samples. Once the lab has tested it, patients get a call with the results. If the results are positive, that call will come from a trained STI Counselor and they’ll be able to follow up with a Doctor’s call, including treatment advice.

But it's not just smartphone apps these days - smartwatches are also releasing features to ensure that both men and women can stay on top of monitoring their sexual health.

FitBit VersaTM

The Fitbit VersaTM syncs ladies' sexual health data - such as the period and symptoms trackers - with other data, such as sleeping patterns to analyse correlations. Knowledge is power and with the Fitbit VersaTM you're in control, ladies! 

Apple Health

Apple was widely criticised at first for failing to include a period tracker, despite claiming it would allow you to see the whole picture of your health. They've more than made-up for that now. Apple Health syncs across your watch and phone; includes data from 3rd party apps and has a whole stack of features related to sexual health. It allows women to input everything from cycles to spotting from sexual activity to basal body temperature

New and evolving apps and technologies are constantly emerging. Let us know what you think about the above apps and If there is another app you found useful, share your comments below. 

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This article does not constitute advice nor represent the views of OneCoWork. Always consult a suitable medical professional and carry out your own research. OneCoWork does not take any liability for the results of actions that you may take, or lack thereof, having read this article.

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