The Difference Between IQ and EQ

Nicky Vlyminck
17 December 2018

The end of 2018 is slowly approaching and people are building on their future everyday, yet there is still a certain confusion about the emotional quotiënt (EQ) and intelligence quotiënt (IQ): what are they; how they relate to each other and their impact on our lives and careers.. To understand how to improve your IQ and work on your EQ, it’s necessary to understand what is the difference between IQ and EQ

While the emotional quotiënt is the capability of individuals to recognize their own and others’ emotions and act upon them appropriately, the intelligence quotiënt is described as a total score derived from several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence.

There is a great deal of debate around them - what the similarities are, the differences, the strengths, etc. In the next paragraph, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the two concepts and their importance towards the future.

The Relationship Between IQ and EQ

Since IQ and EQ are pronounced almost the same, many people have the misconception that the concepts are mutually exclusive or opposed, which they are not. By contrast, IQ and EQ compliment one another. Whereas IQ measures how you learn, understand and apply certain information, EQ will be more focused on emotional knowledge. Consider it this way, while a high IQ is good predictor of your future career path, your EQ will determine how well you perform in a specific position and how well you can adapt in certain situations. Simply put, one cannot live without the other.

Why are IQ and EQ important?

For a long time, IQ was believed to be the ultimate measure for success in your professional career and life in general, but there have been studies that show a direct relationship between a higher EQ and successful professionals. 

Having a high IQ, meaning having sufficient knowledge and well-thought ideas, won’t mean anything in terms of future success if you are not properly managing, controlling and responding to your emotions and feelings. This means that you must be conscious enough to identify what really pushes you towards success and that you must be able to use your capabilities correctly. 

On top of that, EQ is also related to the development of your social abilities: the ability of having a positive effect on other people’s behaviour, of being able to resolve conflicts or in general, just be able to work with one another. 

So, if you want be successful careerwise, do not only focus on intelligence and professional knowledge, but also on creativity, emotions and how to adapt in different situations.  


Hopefully, the two concepts of EQ and IQ are a bit more clear after reading this short article.
If not, or you would just like to know a bit more about the topic, there are a lot of interesting articles on the Internet waiting to be discovered. Rather looking for something more interactive? Do the IQ test or the EQ test and get to know yourself a bit more. 

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