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In the spotlight this week is the newest member of OneCoWork's ever-growing Community Management team, Mireia Palmero!

Ciao, Mireia! Tell us about yourself!

Hi everyone! I was born in Barcelona, lived in Germany and Italy and studied tourism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.... until I had enough of it and left in my third year!

I'm super-passionate about discovering new things and I love to be active. I'm about to start another new hobby... Yoga!

I last November I went Vegan and it revolutionised my lifestyle! I am interested in healthy food, healthy lifestyle and I find the best way to do maintain it is staying in contact with nature. I love to go camping and hiking next to a river! It is a relaxing and amazing experience I usually do on weekends. 

And being a Community Manager at OneCoWork, tell us more!

Well, the roles of a Community Manager vary here. As the face of OneCoWork Marina Port Vell, I'm responsible for looking after our members on a day-to-day basis, making sure they have everything they need. 

I'm also the point of contact between the members and the OneCoWork team - so if members need something from the Facilities, IT or any other department, they'll come to me.

Another part of my role as a Community Manager is events - planning and facilitating all the events for our members to meet, network and learn. It's my job to pair everyone up for Blind Chef, for example!

If you could travel anywhere on earth, where would you go?

I traveled a lot around Europe but now I am interested in doing big trips. I am planing to explore Australia next year for a few weeks. 

Why Australia? 

I want to visit every continent in the world!

Lastly, how can our members connect with you?

My office door is always open! Just pop in and say hi! It's right next to the Kitchen, opposite the stairs, at OneCoWork Marina Port Vell. Or, you can add me on social media!



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