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The spotlight this week is on one of the ever-growing OneCoWork Team’s newest members: 3D Renderer Mariona Rius.

Hey Mariona, tell us about yourself!

I was born in Flix, a village near Tarragona, and moved to Barcelona when I was 18. I studied Interior Design and when I discovered the world of 3D modelling, I knew it was what I was missing. Fast forward two years of working in Interior Design and a Masters’ Degree in Info-Architecture and I decided to change sector.

Now I create renders; accurate, electronic images of what a final product will look like, whether that’s the inside of a room, an entire building or anything related with architecture - we can make it 3D!

That’s awesome! And what about your hobbies?

Well, it’s not just a hobby but my passion: I’m a Castellera! I love building the traditional Catalan Human Towers. 

But when I want to relax, I’ll drink a nice tea with milk whilst gazing at a nice view in the city. It’s the best remedy for any trouble!

Where’s your favourite spot in OneCoWork?

Well I work in the development office, just across from OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya, but my favourite spot when I come over is the ground floor coffee machine!

If you were a Disney Character, who would you be?

Alice, from Alice in Wonderland! I really identify with the way she views and understands things.

Share a motto with us?

Just 2 days till Christmas!

Okay, it’s a bit of a weird motto, but I start repeating it from the end of August!

OneCoWork's Member Spotlight shines on a different member each week. If you'd like to be featured, get in touch with your nearest community manager!

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