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Member Spotlight: Maria Fernanda Padierna

Bridget Sleap
18 September 2018

This week, the spotlight is on OneCoWork’s very own Maria Fernanda Padierna - self-proclaimed sommelier, graphic-design guru, Content Manager and simultaneously a business owner!

Hey there, Fernanda! Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and grew up on the US-Mexico border. So I spent part of the time in Ciudad Juarez, the home of the Margarita and Burritos and El Paso, Texas.

And professionally… let’s start with your business in Mexico.

Together with my Mum and sister, I founded Gastrónomica, a health food store in Mexico with the mission to transform the way people eat, cook and live. I spend most of my energy and free time growing and developing it. Just like any SME owner, it’s more than work, it’s my passion.

But that’s just the beginning…

Absolutely! I spend a lot of my time working on freelance design projects. I love design and really appreciate good design; I have a very strong eye for detail. Graphic Design was my first Bachelor’s, along with a Bachelor’s in Advertising, before I moved to Barcelona to pursue my Master’s in Digital Marketing.

So, now you’re also working at OneCoWork as a Marketing Consultant and Content Manager. Why did you choose this?

Digital Marketing is a field in which I can use my strategic mind to push creative boundaries. I’m blessed to be part of the OneCoWork family and to have the opportunity to use that strategic mind and creative eye to create unique experiences in the digital ecosystem. There are no limits to creativity, and at OneCoWork I have the facilities and environment to explore and innovate.

But everyone needs some R&R… What do you do when you’re not working?

I love wine - I’ve proclaimed myself a sommelier. I also do yoga (and can’t wait for OneCoWork’s Yoga classes starting soon on the terrace at OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya). I also paint, bake and go running to free my mind. And I’m an absolute sucker for sunsets!

So, how can our members and readers connect with you?

You can often find me in the downstairs hot-desk area at OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya, or follow me on social media:

instagram: mfpadierna



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