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This week the spotlight is on Bernadett Nagy, a rebellious life coach who was too honest to be a diplomat.   


Hi Bernadett, Tell us about yourself?
Hola! I was born in Budapest, Hungary and most of my formative years were spent growing up there. Ten years ago I decided to follow my heart and chase all the vibes that fed my soul. 


So where did the vibes lead you?
In the past ten years, I have lived in six countries and at the moment the plan is to settle down in Barcelona.

What do you enjoy doing?
I love having deep conversations and I love to travel because I get to discover and make sense of the world while indulging several senses at a time.
Lately, I am crazy about self-development books, yoga and inspiring people through social media.


Did you always want to be a Life Coach?
I always wanted to be a travelling diplomat but found out I was too honest and autonomous for that job role. Destiny led me to events management which was perfect because I am very affable, enjoy travelling, collaborating and managing people to create beautiful opportunities.


When did you start being a Life Coach?
I have always been passionate about helping people grow and achieving their dreams and overtime from all my experiences I gravitated to the role of a Life Coach who specialises in empowerment and big life changes. Organising innovation centres around the world is something I do in addition.

How can we connect with you?

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