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Meet Amelia Prieto Guerrero, Director of DataCity Barcelona that lives by the motto “inspiration exists, but it has to find your working.”

Hey Amelia! Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Switzerland and grew up between Lausanne and Barcelona. When I was kid, my Dad was an IT Director and I remember listening to his phone conversations with his colleagues. I would get hypnotized by his very strange, technical and mysterious language. I guess that had an influence on me when I decided to join Accenture and start my career in technology.

Share a little bit about your career journey…

I am in the process of finding my new passion. I spent 5 years in Accenture and almost 17 in Telefónica. Then I realized that sometimes you just need to try new things. Visualizing the stuff in your brain may not give you the real insight you need to find your new passion. 

I am now the Director of DataCity Barcelona, we design and scale solutions for Barcelona. 


Tell us some fun facts about you!

I have a bunch of hobbies, including skiing, traveling, cinema, running and interior design. 

My “spirit animal” is the Giraffe: That they can see the forest above the trees is a great virtue! 

I think everything about Italy is great, the design, history, food, the language, etc.  

My favorite drink is called “abacaxi com hortelã”. This is the Portuguese name for a very simple refreshing juice made of pineapple and fresh mint. I love the sound when you say that in Brazilian Portuguese and the taste.


Any good book recommendations for our readers?

I have a very long list of books to recommend from the most diverse subjects, but here are three:

  • “Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance on the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • “Breaking the Habit of being yourself” by Dr. Jose Dispenza. Interesting books about the power of your mind, neuroscience and quantum physics.

  • “Designing your life” by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans.


Thanks! How can we reach you?

You can find me in OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya on the ground floor, where Gonzalo is always welcoming everybody, and the 3rd floor where I have my wonderful desk next to my colleague Judith.

And connect with me on LinkedIn! Amelia Prieto Guerrero

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