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31 July 2018

Meet Rachel Winfrida Mzengi, Social Media Manager for OneCoWork. Rachel was born in Tanzania,  raised in Maryland, USA, and later moved to Barcelona. Rachel is the newest OneCoWork Team member, She shares her superpowers and what makes her tick,  below.


I was born in Tanzania, but I grew up in the Maryland, USA. I love to write poems and prose. I love to travel, photography, and cooking for people. I love to surf (shortboard) and absolutely love to DJ south African house music. During my free time, I like to watch anime and to cook. 


My current job is Social Media Manager for OneCoWork . However,  I was working as a Digital Strategist prior to joining the team. After my bachelor's degree, I began working in a PR firm in Malaysia, after 6 months with the firm I left and knew that I didn't want to work in PR, I wanted to go into digital. At the time I was fascinated by the PR’s sister firm, TBWA digital agency and how they created content for our client's social media channels. So I said I want to be part of that. So I left Malaysia and went back to Tanzania and applied to AIM Group (digital + creative agency). I got the job as a community manager. For years I worked my way up the ladder from Community manager posting and commenting on clients digital channels, all the way to becoming a full-time Digital Strategist, where I came up with campaign strategies, brand strategies and video strategy for top brands such as Vodafone Tanzania, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, and Budweiser. I loved every waking minute of those 4 years. And I knew digital was my career. 

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