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Guest Blogging: Do you have something to share?

24 January 2018

Do you want to gain visibility for your company/business/project or even for yourself as a professional? We know you do! We want to help you share that content amongst our community because we believe it creates value. It's a WIN-WIN strategy :)

We are creating a "Monthly (maybe Weekly) guest post" on our OneCoWork Blog. You only need to meet some basic guidelines in terms of topics, style and design to be published but, apart from that, you are totally free to show everyone who you are and what you do:


  • Digital Marketing
  • Events (of any kind)
  • Lifestyle 
  • Business ideas/tips/tricks
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Coworking
  • Industry articles/trends/opinions

* Obviously, topics are open and these are only some suggestions. If you are thinking about a different topic, please contact us and we'll make sure you can also take part in this activity, and share your post with our community.


  • Content must be original and relevant to our blog audience.
  • There is no exact or limited length but, ideally, posts should be within the 750-1.250 words (longer posts will also be valid as long as it's justified by content quality).
  • Posts may also include external links to other references, but they must also be relevant and not only for search engine purposes.
  • Other content formats like presentations, photos, videos, etc. can also be included and should be considered to enrich your post.
  • At least one photo/image should be provided with the post to use it as a Display image when published and shared.


Do you want to be seen, to be noticed, to be heard? Do you want to share your knowledge, experience, or simply your thoughts on a certain topic? If so, please contact us immediately to schedule your guest post. We can all benefit from guest blogging. In the end, sharing is caring - or so it's said! :)


You can check our first guest blogging article built and shared by Johnny Fekete on Digital World Nomads; live on our blog this week!  

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