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My1Min is revolutionizing the hiring process! It is not a job board, rather it is a recruitment tool that has a video presentation feature to improve the screening process and provides mutual benefits for both job seekers and employers. 

My1Min was founded in Oslo, Norway but has since expanded to Spain where they have offices in Madrid and Barcelona — at OneCoWork Marina Port Vell. 

On Wednesday, the company hosted a Breakfast Club event where they shared their product with attendees. If you were unable to attend, here is a recap on what we learned about My1Min: 

My1Min provides a full candidate management system, to manage the process from one simple platform.

Use My1Min to: 

  • Publish and share your job offer.

  • Receive applications in the platform. 

  • Screen video presentations and interview only relevant candidates.

  • Hire!

For Job Seekers

My1Min allows you to upload a one-minute presentation of yourself to add to your CV. This helps you stand out from the crowd and gives you the opportunity to show potential employers your personality and soft skills. You are able to record the video as many times as you want and create different videos for different positions, just as you would do for a cover letter. It is completely free of charge for job seekers; see more benefits, here.

For Employers 

My1Min is suitable for both small and large companies because it works on a “pay per job posting” system and you don’t need a subscription. By adding My1Min to your job posting, you can ask candidates to present themselves in a one-minute video or have them answer up to five questions in a three-minute video. You can also start with just looking at the CV and invite the candidates that you are more serious about to do a video. 

This is extremely beneficial to employers because you get to see the person behind the paper. You can see their personality and get a feel for if they would fit in well with your team. You can see their communication skills, language and energy. This will save you time and money while prescreening candidates. See more employer benefits, here.

OneCoWork Community — My1Min needs your help! 

If your business is hiring, why not try My1Min free of charge? The company is offering a free trial exclusively to OneCoWork members. All you need to do is provide feedback on the tool to help the team make improvements. This is valued at 149€. Please contact if you are interested in helping them out.


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